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Hi, thanks for the encouraging replies as well as some constructive criticism (despite the profanity). I have to push myself to work at a very challenging job both mentally and physically.

I have a crooked spine, chronic ovarian torsion, frequent migraines, I am also hard of hearing and mentally disabled( I adapt to every single thing so I don’t slow others down), I have poor motor skills so my hands work much much slower than my brain does.

But i’m happy to work twice a week so I can afford extra things for my daughter like a new Halloween costume, going out for ice cream at marble slab etc. I haven’t had a new winter jacket for 4 years and i will likely be stuck wearing my spring one so I can make sure she’s warm(my winter one the zipper completely broke and now the buttons are falling off), but we smile, we dont let our financial situation get us down. And that’s the key. Its hard sometimes when the budget doesn’t work out or something comes up (like we had to go to a funeral in grande prairie a few weeks ago) that we could not budget for in time.

Because when your negative over money it eats at you :(.The budget I had shown you guys was personal. It was my budget, it was not full of lies as one reply stated. Nor is it full of sh*t. Its how we spend our money.

I will certainly ask my aish worker about the parent portion for daycare though. After rent is paid I get 973 from aish. I will ask As well about the low income for shaw. I am so glad I wrote the post and seeing the ideas and point of views from you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Fyi, I don’t work under the table( i’m too honorable and honest to work under the table, I cant even steal a piece of candy from the bulk bin at save on without feeling bad haha). My aish worker frequently checks my bank account and knows very well that I’m working.

I hope this answers a few questions and thanks again.



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  1. Thank you for sharing.

  2. You are amazing! I may be able to find you a winter coat. Pm me your size!

  3. Lisa Hacker Lisa Hacker says:

    Check out Smile Edmonton on fb they meet every Sunday in front of hope mission for a sidewalk “party” where they serve hot and cold food to anyone in need of a meal but they also help ppl who needs clothes including winter coat and household items. Contact Theresa on the fb page I bet she will get u a winter coat in no time!

  4. Please send me a message and I will be happy to give you a winter coat hats mitts scarves etc.

  5. This city is full of wonderful communities. There is a ton of help around, and I hope you can find it!
    It’s very brave to open your personal life, like that.

  6. Tina Duncan Tina Duncan says:

    I’ve got extra winter gear, what size are you?

  7. Add me to your list of PM’s for sizes please.

  8. I have a size medium full length winter coat that doesn’t fit me anymore. Basically brand new. Please PM me if that’s a good size for you.

  9. I have an extra winter coat and boots if needed. Please let me know sizes ^.^

  10. Please join the Upcycling Edmonton, Upcycling Strathcona County, there’s a few more. Everything on these sites are free !whatever you need or want you can put in search of (ISO) or look through and would already be listed. Clothing furniture you name it, it’s there

  11. Teresa Adam Teresa Adam says:

    What is the size for you and your daughter.

  12. Heather Lee Heather Lee says:

    I’m inviting you to check out PAC at the Mustard Seed CSC building (10568-114 street) for free household and personal items. We have a few jackets for women, since you have a disability perhaps call ahead so we can check that we have your sizes. It’s free, u can come once a month and all we need is ID for both of you. Also, come a half hr early as it does get busy. Hrs: Mon and Thurs 1-3:30 and Wed 5 TO 7:30. The SMILE group is also an excellent resource.

  13. Mac Simm Mac Simm says:

    Theres no reason to go without a winter coat. GOOGLE free winter coats or try Value Village.


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