Easy Budgeting 101 for others on Aish

Thank you to shoutout for this awesome platform to start off.

I’m sorry if this is a long post but I wanted to talk about budgeting for a second here, especially since the holidays are on the way. So I wrote up a budget with what I make from aish, child tax and what I make working part time. Its not as scary and technical as it sounds, and if this simpleton can budget then a monkey can haha.

Here goes:.
-Aish: 1588/month(100 for my one child): 1588
-Child tax: 450/month: 2038
-Work: 500(12.40/hr, 5hrs a day, twice a week): 2538.
-Rent: 800: 2538-800= 1738
-Daycare fees: 200: 1738-200=1538
-Cell bill: 38: 1538-38= 1500
-Debt payment: 308: 1500-308= 1192
-Power: 40: 1192-40= 1152
-Internet: 70: 1152-70= 1082
-Food: 200: 1082-200=882
-Credit card: 200 : 882-200=682
-Bank fees: 11: 682-11= 671
Eating out: 50: 671-50= 621
Childs clothes: 50: 621-50= 571
Childs lunches: 100: 571-100=471
Childs swimming lessons: 50; 471-50=421
Donations: 10: 421-10=411
Into savings: 20: 411-20=391
Bus pass: 35: 391-35= 356

This is a rough draft of what my budget looks like. Its easier than it sounds to follow and don’t let the numbers scare you. :). But you need to plan ahead and know where your money is going before you spend it.

When you go shopping bring a calculator and don’t forget to add in deposits and tax. When its time to buy gifts for someone, set a limit (my rule is: 20 for a friend, a nice $5 card for an acquaintance, and 40 for a family member), its not being cheap, its buying within your budget. If you want to buy something for them that costs more, then you will need to put that money aside every few weeks, then add to the money, ask your bank for help, they can freeze an account and make it deposits only.


Due to budgeting, I took my little one to Vancouver for a few days, paid around 600 for a good flight and stayed via airbnb for 164, ate food from the grocery store instead of restaurants etc. and spent 60 on transportation for the entire time we were there, as well as sight seeing, cat cafes, shopping, starbucks etc.




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  1. Amanda Mae Amanda Mae says:

    I can budget like no other on paper. But when it comes to actually NOT spending money on crap I don’t need… That’s another story. Someone needs to be in control of my bank card for me lol

    • Haha! Definitely the hardest part!! We started using the envelope system and pay cash for everything – once the envelope is empty that’s it! Still takes will-power but it’s a little easier!

  2. Since you are in AISH you should apply for the leisure access program. The swimming lessons would be 75% off.

    • Becki Pound Becki Pound says:

      works out to 14.60 for the lessons. i have 3 kids….all in swimming. she should also get her aish worker to put her parent portion of day care thru them since shes worki g and save the 200 shes paying

    • Either way, the leisure access pass would give them so many opportunities for entertainment instead of costs involved in going out.

    • I think the price varies slightly. Maybe if there’s a lesson missing because of a holiday. Ours have been as low as $12ish before. I also thought the parent portion of childcare would be covered by AISH but it’s been a long time since I’ve had kids in daycare.

  3. You may want to ask your employer why you are only paid $12.40 when minimum wage as of October 1st went to $13.60.

  4. Don’t forget a lot of people on AISH can’t work and don’t have kids, so re-do you calculations with $1488
    Rent: $800 – $688
    Cell Bill: $80 – 608
    Power: $40 – $568
    Let’s say they forgo internet since they have a phone and a decent data package and it will save $30/mo
    Food: $300 (this will include enough food for 3 square meals/day and maybe snacks in between) $268
    Bank fees: $11 – $257
    Clothes: $30 – $227
    Bus pass: 35 – $192

    That leaves them $192 to attempt to save, pay for taxis if they can’t take the bus, to maybe splurge a little and buy something nice. This is assuming this individual has 0 debt repayments, if they do their end of the month total is even less.

    It’s great you can afford to live how you do, it is! Please don’t think I’m down playing it, but also please don’t act like you’ve cracked the code to surviving on AISH when you get an extra $950/mo most people on AISH don’t.

  5. its a good thing she is without a partner. Once another person is involved with finances that budget can go out the window if that person adds unexpected expenses.

  6. I wish. I’m in the hole every month, because my meds are not covered.

  7. Ian Young Ian Young says:

    Your one of the lucky ones that is physically able to work,those who rely solely on 1588 get no extra income,they get a slight cost of living increase if you get federal CPP,but AISH claws it away dollar for dollar,while you are able to work and earn extra money our payments decrease while everything else increases plus AISH has cut funding for certain medications so you pay out of pocket, Minister Sabir is being scrutinized but doing nothing,increases are not even being discussed,very disappointed

  8. I’d like to point out to any who may read this who stigmatize those on AISH….

    she doesn’t have cable, doesn’t have vehicle expenses. She works to her capabilities and doesn’t “sit on her ass living off welfare”. She either lives in subsidized housing or perhaps rents a basement suite or something similar. Maybe renting a one bedroom place and giving her child the bedroom. She’s committed to paying off existing debt. She donates somewhere which to me means she recognizes that someone else may need help more than she does and may not be getting it. My guess is her child is young since she only buys one bus pass instead of two.

    I can dissect this and see that this a good mother, who works hard to provide a good life for her child. She doesn’t live above her means. Based on what she’s listed, she doesn’t spend frivolously.

    I’m proud of this mother. Both for being successful and for being open and encouraging.

    P.S. If you can, I recommend opening an RESP for your child’s future university costs. They will be eligible for government grants and your child will thank you in the future for whatever support you’re able to help with.

  9. I want to point out that a landline with Telus is less than $20 a month.. so a person can save money there too.. or if you are a couple, just one person gets a cell and have the landline at home. Yes.. budgeting is important.

  10. Jason Ellard Jason Ellard says:

    Thank You!! You motivated me to create a budget!!

  11. I do budget as I am on Asih.. in saying my circumstances are very different from you

  12. Diane Peters Diane Peters says:

    A good idea is to put the money for those variable expenses like clothing, gifts, eating out, etc into jars. Then they become little saving plans if you don’t use them up every month. I love Gail’s budget worksheet.

  13. How do I get on aish?

  14. Shauna Snow Shauna Snow says:

    Geez, you make more than me and my husband put together. Tried to get assistance and was told that we should be able to live on $896 for the two of us for a month. He is on disability.

  15. OP, you are an inspiration. You show that you can live within your means despite your situation, and it can’t be easy. More importantly, you sound like a happy person, which is terrific. Thanks for sharing!

    • Becki, AISH doesn’t always notice things they aren’t paying but should be. They have a gazillion files on their caseloads. So daycare portion could very well have been missed and if she points that out to them then I think they’ll retro pay her. You can make money on top of what is given by AISH. I’m not sure of what the cap off is but it is meant to motivate AISH recipients to work with the hopes of eventually becoming self-sufficient. The last thing she needs right now is access to overdraft since she’s trying to pay down debt. And not everyone knows every money saving technique and resource. That’s why posts like this are helpful.

    • I don’t see anything in the original post that is negative or seeking assistance or a woe-is-me story. I see someone pointing out that budgets work without missing out. Why must this be turned into something less than it was intended?

    • I was on AISH and they did not pay parent portion

    • Becki Pound Becki Pound says:

      shes full of shit. AISH pays all the parent portion of daycare for people who work and if she isnt recieving child support she is able to make $1950 a month exempt and on top of her base AISH cheque. shes not utilizing services that could save her money such as leisure access pass. it can be easy! but shes made her budget have to stretch farther. cashco bank accounts come with overdraft and no fees. she could be saving way more money

  16. I budget 3200 a month and have 1400 left over once everything is paid. I have savings and enough to go a holiday with my kids every year

  17. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    I thought that if you were on Aishe any monies that you got from working was deducted off the amount from Aishe .. .see you get $500.00 a month from part time work ..should that not have come off the money you are getting from Aishe …. must be a double standard here somewhere as I knew a person trying to get onto Aishe before they were 65 and did not qualify and yet they were not able to work so they just had their disabiltiy pension CPP to live off until they turned 65 for the old age and what ever…

  18. Can a married person get AISH? Like the man makes good monies, the wife is a chronic pain sufferer?

  19. Becki Pound Becki Pound says:

    aish pays for day care parent portion fees and subsidy covers the rest for the amount u r claiming. dont listen to a budgetting rule with lies in it. also swimming lessons for low income thru leisure access pass r discounted 75% thru leisure access program costing $14.70 for the whole lesson period. the fact that she has such terrible budgetting skills as to not use resources available is scarier than her numbers

  20. Erica Wilson Erica Wilson says:

    I’m sure the OP wasn’t looking for advice, but you can get no fee bank accounts – I’ve had one with PC for 10 years and haven’t paid any fees in that time. Not sure if/how that will change with the CIBC takeover though.


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