Edmonton drivers

Took my kid to the mall. On the way there was a gal stopped at a yield sign not moving. Big line up behind her. She was texting. Didnt move until I leaned on the horn. She drove to the next light and went back to texting.

Get to the mall parking lot. Some lady backs out without looking. I stop to avoid getting hit when another lady backs out without looking beside me. I’m honking she’s not stopping. Cant go forward cause not looking woman no.1 is backing toward me.

I squeeze over as far as possible and not looking woman no.2 barely misses my rear bumper.

Heading home I’m stuck behind a vehicle doing 30 in a 60. When I can pass I see a lady white knuckling it foot on the brake.

There were other examples of driving insanity but you get the picture.


If you are scared to drive or you are simply a bad driver call AMA and get help. It’s cheaper than an accident.
If you are just an asshole that has to text and dont care about people around you, you deserve to crash. Hopefully without hurting others.



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  1. Better planning and a couple of stiff drinks, Merry Christmas!

  2. Sounds like a typical day here lol People wonder why I have road rage and take the bus to work lol It amazes me stilll how many people cut off buses to get into and drive in the bus lanes lol

  3. Was driving down gateway when I noticed in my lane a pair of headlights coming towards me. Combine with idiot driving and christmas/rush hour traffic I can see why a drink once I made it home sounded

  4. The stupidity of the human race.

  5. Since you are a perfect driver and have no tolerance for the holiday season maybe you should have stayed home. Just sayin.


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