Edmonton mall bathroom rasism disgust

To the native American single mother & 2 children that was verbally borderline violently attacked for no reason.

I’m so sorry your babies and you had to experience such horrid actions by this brain dead woman that sounds like an Amazon woman straight out of the jungle,, not knowing how to act in public. May this never happen to you again.

You & your babies are beautiful! & always be proud of who you are. I hope this awful woman was arrested. It sickens me that humans can be treated this way.

Animals shouldn’t be treated this way either, make me wonder what she does to them. Wow! I’m so glad you stood your ground. It does sound like if no one was around she would have very well been violent. & how strong you are for leaving an abusive relationship. Hats off to you and your srrenth!



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  1. Kim Schindel Kim Schindel says:

    I’m curious why you would assume she was a single mother? Husbands typically don’t assist in a women’s washroom. Seems like you did a bit of racial profiling yourself. Im also wondering if you came to this humans aid and step up to defend her and stop the attack? Kudos for posting, however to make a difference we all need to stand up against racism and/or ignorance and abuse.

  2. Kira Kreiser Kira Kreiser says:

    You literally just ranted about racism while also being racist. Noice.

  3. Jenny Sutter Jenny Sutter says:

    This post makes no sense

  4. Colby Bull Colby Bull says:

    Why didn’t you stick up for her then and there you’d seeing children verbally assaulted ?, posting annon doesn’t make you a better person.

  5. If it was me I would have said something not post it on the internet. You are a standbyer. A person who does nothing when they could have.

  6. I think this is regarding a old post , I remember a mother a few months back made a post about how her children and herself were treated badly in the bathroom .

  7. Racism: R A C I S M

  8. Kevin Barry Kevin Barry says:

    This is thee most hypocritical post this year, also last year as it’s a repeat!

  9. This is a old post from a year ago.

  10. Being “verbally borderline violently attacked”, is something that should be very carefully defined, and then used only by self-righteous morons, against Amazon women from the jungle. The poster here (the surrogate victim), I’m sure intended to make a valid and noble point, only we’re a little tired of the chronically offended (in lieu of intelligent discourse), oozing (all over us) copious plops of commandeered, ill fitting, second hand social indignity. Like everyone (with BMWs, RRSPs and all) is suddenly a closet “oppressed minority.”


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