Edmonton Mayor Candidates 2017 • Learn Before You Vote October 16th!


Hey everyone! I just thought that I would put this together quickly for the ~1,000,000 Edmontonians out there getting ready for our next election on October 16, 2017.

I hope it comes in handy for you all in making the ‘right choice’ next month; whatever that may be in your eyes.

Are you pleased with Don Iveson’s first run? Does he, in your opinion, deserve a second go at it? If not, why? Do you think the bike lanes should be destroyed and returned to vehicular lanes and parking as many other running candidates do? How about the rise in number of trucks committed to photo radar?

Postmedia stated that they’ve run several polls over the months and roughly 50% of voters stated that they would vote for Don Iveson to be re-elected for a second term.

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments. Let’s collaborate to make sure that we do what’s best for the largest populous of this city and its neighbouring regions.


Without further ado! Here are the 13 Mayoral candidates for 2017!

Don Iveson

Mayor of Edmonton, Oct. 2013 – Oct. 2017

“We’ve accomplished a lot together in four years, but we must keep building Edmonton’s momentum. Election day on October 16th is an important day for all of us — your next City Council will have a huge say in whether Edmonton will emerge as the creative and dynamic city we all want it to be. It’s time to commit to Edmonton’s future.”

Visit Iveson’s official website to learn more.

On September 18, 2017, Don released this campaign video:

Taz Bouchier

“An educator, a writer, a mother, a grandmother and an inspiring voice of change and peaceful unity for ALL people. We must all be the spark that ignites the flame of love, peace and mutual respect towards understanding difference is okay. It is not for me that I do what I do, but for the younger people who will benefit from the decisions I make. It truly is imperative that we as a people consider what we build.”

Visit Bouchier’s official website to learn more.

Mike Butler

His main concern is funding for affordable housing. Opposed to the pedestrian-oriented changes that have recently occurred on Jasper Ave. EJ

Visit Butler’s official website to learn more.

Carla Frost

“ECO-Friendly Edmonton
Preserve our Urban areas For the Future
Support Innovation and Engineering
Improve our Quality of Health and Wellness
Lets Grow Grow and Grow Together”

Visit Frost’s official website to learn more.

Bob (Robert) Ligertwood

“To follow are a few of the concerns I have regarding the state of the City of Edmonton in 2017 and thus will be speaking to;

I’m going to talk about some two bit developer picking up some poor soul from the drag in Edmonton Alberta, putting him in an unsecured trench and burying him alive.  This to build some “cheap shit” skinny house.

  • I’m going to talk a lot about “Old People”
  • I’m going to talk a lot about developers, planners, planning and building
  • I’m going to talk about the environment
  • I’m going to talk a lot about competence and the LRT
  • I’m going to talk about bicycle paths in the City of Edmonton
  • I’m going to talk about “single fathers”
  • I’m going to talk about “odious events” “

Visit Ligertwood’s official website to learn more.

Here’s a video released by Bob Ligertwood:

Fahad Mughal

“My vision for Edmonton is to develop a cohesive and collaborative environment where all communities have access to a platform to contribute and express their concerns.

Ensuring a resilient and engaging society will be my top most priority where all citizens participate with a sense of ownership.

My mission is to incorporate a mechanism of accountability, transparency and fairness in the City Government.”

Visit Mughal’s official website to learn more.

Gord (Gordon) Nikolic

“Expand public transit, supporting local businesses, reducing crime, increasing police awareness, reassessment of all photo radar, easier access to municipal facilities for all citizens.”

Visit Nikolic’s official website to learn more.

Steve Shewchuk

“Steven Shewchuk for YEG Mayor.  I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for the mayor of the City of Edmonton. I was born and raised near Tofield, Alberta and have spent the majority of my adult life living and working in the Edmonton area. As a happily married man to a local professional and proud father of two young adults just beginning their steps towards an independent life, I want to live in a City that respects its citizens and their voices.”

Visit Shewchuk’s official website to learn more.

Justin Thomas

“Together we can make Edmonton a place where its hardworking population is appreciated and valued. Under my leadership the city will treat its citizens as assets, not debit accounts, and work towards making their lives better.”

Visit Thomas’ official website to learn more.

Don Koziak

Opposed to the expansion of LRT and the debt it will bring on, and believes speed limits on some of Edmonton’s arterial roads are too low and should be increased. EJ

No official website found.

Henry Mak

No quotes or information found.

No official website found.

Neil Stephens

Would like to tighten spending. Would also like to see the construction of a fusion reactor outside of Edmonton. EJ

No official website found.

Justin Thomas

Would like to focus on better looking after the older population. Would like to give elders free bus passes and tax breaks. EJ

No official website found.

Disclaimer: The amount of information and media provided for each individual candidate above relates only to the ease of finding official websites, quotes, videos, etc. The candidates are in no specific order.

Important information for voters!

  1. Advanced voting will be available at 6 locations across the city starting October 4th, up until the 13th. They will be open between 1 and 7 pm. View the advanced voting ward map here.
  2. Find your voting station using this official City of Edmonton page.
  3. The complete city council candidates list for 2017 can be viewed here.
  4. You can contact the City of Edmonton Elections and Census Office at 780-496-8008 or if you require more information.

Here’s a video showing everything you need to know about the upcoming election:

If you know who you’ll be voting for, tell us why, so we can learn. Share this as well so that others can have a look and learn!

This is our city. We ultimately choose who gets the ‘key to the city’. Let’s not mess that up. — Jody Mitoma



27 Responses

  1. Tree hugging Iveson will not get my vote!!

  2. Lisa Lutz Lisa Lutz says:

    I’m happy with Iveson. He’s getting my vote.

  3. Aaron Frank Aaron Frank says:

    So not one candidate is going to talk about the homeless person migration/issues since the ice district has been built……but yeah let’s build more bike lanes, because that’s what we really need.

  4. Barb Grunau Barb Grunau says:

    Following with interest – need to make an informed decision

  5. Asking someone to openly say who they’re going to vote for is very personal. Most don’t even tell their friends/family.

  6. Get rid of those ridiculous bike lanes

  7. Liz John West ward 7 strong advocate for affordable housing , mental health addictions treatment and homelessness. Check her out Liz John West

  8. MrWonderful says:

    I vote that Edmonton is one of the ugliest, shuttles, degenerate cities I have seen in all my travels and while living abroad. I vote that the revamping of the downtown core by jewing tax payers out of money for architecture that looks like a crushed up beer can is perfectly fitting for a bunch of fat drunk edmontonians.

  9. There is a link at the end of the article.

  10. Ai Lee Ai Lee says:

    That’s mayoral.. I’m talking about the wards

  11. Kim Crowder Kim Crowder says:
    after I got the list of names, I just googled them and they all popped up right away

  12. Let just get rid of the stupid flowers on Jasper Avenue that are closing off lanes…ESPECIALLY in front of the hospital!

  13. I’m voting for a bullit


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