Edmonton Natural Health Services

I’m wondering if anyone knows when the Edmonton Natural Health Services is going to open again.

My family doctor recommended me to try them to get cbd oil, but when I contacted them at the beginning of the month to make an appointment, the operator said she had no idea when they would be open again.

Does anyone know when they’re reopening or if there is another clinic I can go to for cbd oil?



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  1. There are lots of places to order cbd oil online. And at better prices.

  2. Shari Heiser Shari Heiser says:

    I had to go to calgary. Dr. Meerholtz. Edmonton can’t seem to keep a clinic open. There are several pay clinics, but I think that’s pretty shady. Maybe try Sherwood Park or St. Albert. I’d brace yourself for a long ass wait though.

  3. Msg me, I’ll point you in the right direction!

  4. Shaun Reveis Shaun Reveis says:

    I use 420 Consulting. All via Skype.

  5. Starbuds in St. Albert gives prescriptions

  6. Frig I had no idea they had closed. No wonder I hadn’t heard anything about a follow up appointment.

    • Sara Curd Sara Curd says:

      Call them or go in to find out when ur appt is.they usually email u a week or so in advance. Its usually around 3 months from the time u were there last.

    • I had one and they cancelled it on me the day before the appointment. Then they told me they put me on a wait list for a new appointment, but this was months ago. I emailed last week as their phone lines are often busy and email has always worked, but still haven’t heard anything back. I will try calling next week and hope for the best. My license expires in May so I’m a little concerned.

  7. Tracy Bayers Tracy Bayers says:

    Hempworx Cbd oil is great

  8. Sara Curd Sara Curd says:

    Apply on line for natural health services. I was just there friday for my follow up.there open here in edmonton.

  9. Shayla Dai Shayla Dai says:

    Natural health service is at MIRA health centre they are open i was there yesterday and my friend works there.

  10. Leila Evoy Leila Evoy says:

    Took my brother there last week. They are well and open. They are located in the Mira center. Go in in person to make an appt. They open at 10am. First time I took him, he was given an appt for 10 days later. Highly recommend them.

  11. They are open. Was just there on Friday..


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