Edmonton, What’s Your Ultimate Life Goal?

Hey guys, Jody here (owner). I was just wondering this morning about life goals. I’m really interested in getting answers from all of you about this… What do you think or know is your life’s goal? Why were you placed on this planet? What makes you, you? What do you want to accomplish? Who do you want to be known as when you’re gone?

Please take a minute to really think about this, then leave your answer below. I’ll reply to everyone, and I’m really looking forward to reading these. Please take part if you’ve got the time! <3 — Jody Mitoma



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  1. YEGuildCA YEGuildCA says:

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  2. This was beautiful ❤️

  3. My only goal is to have a home in the country surrounded by animals. That is all.

  4. My goals are to pay off my debts become financially stable. Buy my kids a house out in the country with animals. Right now I’m working on a big goal. That’s becoming a director in Tupperware. I’ll get a company vehicle and endless amounts of opportunities. Tupperware isn’t just direct sales it’s a real brand and company. It’s been around 70 years this year. The awards and recognition from this company is amazing and they change lives. I do home parties and I’m also looking to hire more team members so they too can see the benefits of being in Tupperware and enjoy the product as much as I do. I want Tupperware to be in every kitchen. Being a Director is so my dream goal. I’ll get to stay home with my kids and do this as my full time job. If anyone is interested in a home party or becoming a team member too pm me. Sorry Jody Mitoma this is a big goal for me I had to share.

  5. Life goal in a nutshell is to make the world a better, kinder place.

  6. Our goal is to pay off our debt and get a new house in the country or super small town

    I also want to get my jman ticket and lose 30 lbs lol

    But the ultimate goal is to be generally happy until I croak

  7. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    At my age my goal is to maintain my health, and get out everyday. Not much but it is mine.

  8. Duke Covey Duke Covey says:

    We are the universe experiencing itself. Most of what we self define as purpose is irrelevant in that context.
    Given that, a life of compassion, of exploring limits, discovering beauty, and learning new and unimportant things every day is the purpose I have adopted.

  9. To get my business to the point of getting my family out of the city and into a place we can call our own.

  10. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    My life goal is to work hard pay my bills be healthy and share my knowledge and experience with who ever respects me enough to listen …and to enjoy the fruits of my labour …and to ride hard slide in sideways no one likes a good looking corpse….most of all no regrets

  11. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    My personal goal: have a self-sufficient, self-growing diversified investment portfolio so that I can neither have to live to work, nor work to live. My current strategy is to finish my apprenticeship and using that, moving forward in the oil patch/maintenance/construction/etc. to increase my earning power to further grow my portfolio. Hopefully one day it will have grown enough to not be dependent on working for someone else anymore. For instance, a $1,000,000 portfolio returning annually 10% produces $100,000/year income – though only half of it being taxable, and/or being taxed at a lower rate, being investment income. To get there, 6 current methods:

    (1) Oilfield trucking income.
    (2) Road Construction income.
    (3) Self-employment (contractor) income of the above plus that of various maintenance work – whether city, oilfield plants, highway…
    (4) Investment income.
    (5) Rental income.
    (6) Education

    Where at least 4/6 are all working together at the same time to maintain adequate cashflow. If I am performing road construction one moment, but the work suddenly dries up, I pick up the phone and immediately jump to either oilfield trucking work, and/or self-employment income (#3) to prevent a fall into the red.

    Trucking opens me to various job opportunities as a fallback, and will earn me money along the way before I have progressed far enough in my apprenticeship to be making more than I would trucking.

    Education trades current earning power for a higher probability of increased future earning income.

    I’d like to keep an open mind and keep trying, seeing, and hearing new things… most people are narrow minded; for instance, most people absolutely refuse to believe there is a future outside employment, or to associate themselves with different kinds of people…

    Now for the short-term, my goal is to become something better everyday. If I’m taking it easy today, it is to make a better tomorrow, which is used to become something better. I do not believe in “being happy with what you are”; there is always better, and through that pursuit of such, you usually will learn something…

    Strangely enough, I can say I’ve had more experience in “finance” playing with stocks and trying to micro-manage my oilfield money, versus being in school.

    I enjoy working out and seeing new places. I almost religiously train semi-daily- daily if I can. It is a very large part of my life. I used to be into photography at one point as well. Nowadays I just lift weights, work, and dream about one day having this empire of investments. If anything, a great exercise makes me feel better so I can focus my mind and body to other things.

    — ——

    As for the question of my physical purpose to the world? In a perfect world, “Survival of the fittest”; like any species… I was produced to keep my “class” of the human race going… which goes back to the above objective of becoming something better everyday. In turn of becoming a well-performing member of this species, I (am supposed to anyway) set a good example for other members, so they learn, critique, and add to the experience to their own journey of becoming something better everyday. Then I’d learn from them and grow, etc… Altogether then we keep our quality human race going.

  12. Lisa Hoff Lisa Hoff says:

    When I was younger I thought I would actually be able to do big things… sadly now it’s about getting thru the day and trying to raise my children with a moral compass and and a genuine concern for their community and those around them.

  13. My life objectives begin in my lawsuits, and will proceed after an international court of law.

  14. Shayne Brule Shayne Brule says:

    I’ll be happy to be able to provide for my family comfortably. Have enough to share with others. Be there for those who need me. I’m more concerned about the personal aspect of goals than financial. I don’t want more than I can spend, but I want enough to go around with a safeguard in case anything happens. My goals are simple. Love and be loved back.

  15. I just want to be nothing more nor less than what I am.

  16. Kara Fehr Kara Fehr says:

    I want to work with rehabilitating wild animals all over the world 🙂


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