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Education as a grown ass adult…. advice???

So this year is the year. I have FINALLY paid off my student loans.

I’m ready to go back. When I went to college the first time I lacked confidence. It was something to do. So I choose a school and a career path that has not proven to be the best option.
Now at 30 I have the ability and the drive to go back and really do it right and find something I can sink my feet into.
Here is my problem . I havent the first idea where to start. I did not complete highschool . I will need that for any reputable university. I also need my advances sciences. Like physics, chemistry and biology.

I have zero idea what I want to do. I would like to find something in the sciences doing research. Historical and archeological if at all possible but I have interest in so many aspects of science the sky is the limit.

Are there education councellers ? Or people who help you get into the right courses at the right places to better your chance of being accepted to the UofA for example . Or any other reputable university.

I’m tired. I’m tired of struggling to feed my family. I am tired of working in an industry I have grown to hate. I finally have the opportunity and I want to do it right. Any pointers would be AMAZING.

Wanting to get started right away!



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