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So, some guy with my name living in Washington DC, used my gmail address as his own. I text his contact number found on a rental car verification email and I tell him he’s using the wrong email and to stop using mine.

The next day a hotel booking verification email comes through, but this time there’s a link to access the booking. I went in and cancelled his reservation.

Was I too harsh? He’s not using my email for important things any more, but he is signing me up for every mailing list he can find.



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  1. Just make a bunch of Craigslist ads with his phone number.

  2. Haha you’re an ass lol

  3. Dave Valente Dave Valente says:

    That’s awesome lol

  4. You have given that person notice they chose to not listen so I would have too

  5. A bit harsh, yup! Canceling a hotel reservation is a jerk move. What’s the big inconvenience for you? You had to open and read a couple of extra emails? I live that he’s getting even.

  6. Kristy Hedin Kristy Hedin says:

    I wouldve done the exact same ! Not only would i cancel EVERYTHING that i seen im my email- the eps would have my formal complaint!

  7. While i agree that you tried contacting and asking him to refrain from using your email. There could be the smallest discrepancy with the .com versus .ca.
    Hopefully they have stopped using your email tho! Between texts and the cancellation, something has to give lol

  8. Change your password and

  9. I totally feel like he deserved it.
    Most emails that come from an email list have an option to opt out.

  10. You’re not in the least an asshat. But you presume his actions are an innocent case of e-mail mix-ups. You should protect yourself from personal info theft and remove that e-mail address from your life.

  11. Is it possible gmail screwed up and made a duplicate

  12. Are you sure it’s not fraud

  13. Randi May Randi May says:

    If you had his credit card info in there I would’ve went on a little shopping spree in his name hahah.

  14. If he us using your email address, ,, that is considered to be identity theft

  15. Joey Wilson Joey Wilson says:

    Asshole of the week award

  16. Mal Esther Mal Esther says:

    Is this legit? I am just very curious and skeptical. When I book a hotel and receive the confirmation email the link to change the booking takes me off my email and back to the booking site. I have to be signed in on the booking site in order to cancel or change my reservation. So how did you know his sign in information for the booking site?


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