Enough with the dog poop!

This is huge pet peeve of mine, no pun intended. It’s a gorgeous day and I can’t wait to take my dog out to enjoy it. We have a beautiful walking path that leads down to a lake that many people and their dogs take advantage of.

The first thing I see when I round the corner to the path is a pile of dog crap and that is just the beginning. The entire path is lined with crap on both sides all the way down to the lake, around the lake and then back up again.

What’s wrong with people. It’s crap! Who do you think is going to pick it up? How long do you think it will take before it decomposes back into the environment?

This is YOUR path too and pretty soon it will be so full of CRAP that no one will want to use it, the city will get annoyed and ban dogs from the area and then who wins??? There have been many times I’ve brought down multiple poop bags to pick up other dog’s crap just so that I don’t have to trudge through it. WHY should I or anyone else have to pick up after YOUR dog?! Shame one you to anyone who doesn’t pick up after their animals! It’s lazy, disrespectful and disgusting!



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  1. I understand what you are saying, but you can’t get pissed every time you see dog poop. Yes its nasty, but just walk away. Sadly, we can’t control others ppl behavior. Just set an example like I do and clean up after you pet.

  2. Taryn Millar Taryn Millar says:

    The big issue is people dont pick it up when its snowy. They bury it or just think nobody noticed because its hidden. Now that its melting all their little secrets are coming to the surface. Its lovely and something that I notice literally every spring.

  3. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    There is a dog park not far from my home. Lots of beautiful walking trails. A small park for toddlers just behind me and a number of larger parks within a four block radius of me. I see soooo many people out walking their dog(s). Most people, I notice, do clean up after their dog(s). However, I see the same person allowing their dog to poo on the corner by our front yard (not on the yard), but on the sidewalk, and they do NOT pick it up. I have seen numerous people almost step in it and even a little boy whom almost picked it up! LOL. (the momma and daddy stopped that quickly!). Annoying.

  4. Angela Budd Angela Budd says:

    Clean up after your pets people!!
    Nothing worse than having a neighbor who pets his dog roam and you step out of your vehicle into a pile of s**t!! Small town, bylaw only seems to give warnings to roaming pets.

  5. Terri Bee Terri Bee says:

    Agreed! If you can’t be responsible enough to bag the poop you’re probably not responsible enough to have a pet.

  6. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    well the same goes when you go out in your yard and some dog has done his business in your yard .. owner does not pick it up … just keeps walking ..

  7. Can I share a hilarious story courtesy of my mom? My parents spent a few months in Mesa Arizona and there was limited dog areas for their poochie down there so they’d go to dog parks. At this one my mom couldn’t believe how much poop was just in and around and she exclaimed out ‘Doesn’t anyone around here know how to pick up dog poop!?!’ and she had picked up a fair amount of it that wasn’t hers throughout the morning to clear the park a bit. When she got home she was looking through her pictures and at the bottom corner of one her poochie is pooping away and she says, ‘oh dear. I took this only moments after yelling about picking up dog poop and I didn’t see him poop and didn’t pick it up! Everyone must think I’m crazy!’

    It’s my all time favorite dog poop story.

  8. Saw Nic Saw Nic says:

    Gives responsible dog owners a bad rep

  9. Remember, there are coyote and stray dogs around too. It may not be people who are out walking their dogs being lazy. Who knows…could also be from a homeless person.

    • Dog park is fenced in a absolutely littered in crap. That’s not coyote and I hope it’s not homeless lol

      There are alot of lazy dog owners and the majority of the crap left behind is because of them. Sure there cam be a coyote or maybe a homeless person …… but from what I have seen those excuses are not a reasonable explanation for the frequency

    • Charlene Piche if you can get into the fenced area, so can a coyote. They are smarter then you give them credit for.

    • Sheri Jean Sheri Jean says:

      I doubt the coyotes poop right along the pathway….also coyote poop looks a lot different that dogs…i have them come into my acerage yard and poop and it looks way different. Cant blame coyote, people are just that lazy!

  10. We were at grand trunk dog park yesterday and it’s HORRIBLE. we were taking about it that we must be the only ones who clean up after our guy.

    It’s sad really. Doesn’t take much to pick up after your dog.

    Pure laziness…

  11. My dog has BIG stinky poops and I always take at least 3 bags with me. Sometimes it’s 2 out of three… Sometimes my dog picks up some kids leftover lunch off the ground and gets diarrhea.

    Pick. Up. The. Poop. You can wash your hands! You can hold your breath! You can find a garbage can!

    There’s no excuse. Just pure dumb.

  12. Sd Johnson Sd Johnson says:

    Just don’t pick it up,make eye contact or eat it.

  13. If we knew exactly who is was.. ( I have someone in my area who has dogs and have seen this person multiple times not picking up poop) can bylaw do anything about it?

  14. I was out walking my dog tonight and the sidewalk is littered with dog shit so of course my dog has to try to stop and sniff it all. It’s disgusting and isn’t that a good way to pass worms and other diseases? I’m fat with a bad back and a bad knee and I still bend over and pick up after my dog.

  15. I have my dog trained to find the nearest garbage right after she poops. Then neither of us bed too smell it and it’s cleaned up. Not a hard trick to train at all.

  16. Sheri Jean Sheri Jean says:

    Whenever i see posts like this it reminds me of when I saw a blind man pick up after his dog! …people are just lazy!

  17. Dog owners are the worst for this. Pick up your dogs crap. If you don’t? You deserve to listen to ppls kids whine in public places lmfao.

  18. I would think that every dog-Walker should pick up their own and put bags into containers along the way or take home for their own garbage. A habit to learn with thanks!!


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