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EPS are a danger to the public

This incident occurred at approximately 2pm, or just shortly before, on 100ave in between 110 and 111st. There were no “patrol officers” involved and no mugging in progress was witnessed. CST Bradly Skuba of the EPS burned a u-turn en route to the SE detachment via 100ave; he erratically smashed into the curb on 110st before proceeding half a block down to then hop the curb, cross the boulevard and purposely smashed (not bump or briefly touch) his cruiser (E13) into a native male. The EPS has refused to take a witness statement and CstSkuba demanded I give the statement to him, regarding the incident he wad involved in. CST. Skuba radioed in for immediate assistance; Edmonton tactical and CST F****no arrived on scene after the incident had already occurred. Officers arriving on scene came from an unrelated incident which occurred at 99st.

It is uncertain why the female who was allegedly mugged did not remain on the scene. There was no “altercation” involving the individual who walking on s sidewalk, then lay on the ground until paramedics carried him away and took him to the hospital. No charges have been laid against the individual who allegedly mugged a person.
This is just another matter for ASIRT and PSB to review; what I witnessed was a criminal ACT with INTENT which caused injury to an individual on a sidewalk. I believe this is also another act of racism of white immigrants within the 1700 staff of the EPS, against Canadians (Natives, “muggers”). CST. Skuba will also be under investigation regarding his criminal conduct in another incident just prior to using his “integrity, courage and community” cruiser as a weapon. CST. Bradly Skuba appears to be a very sick individual, posturing as a man and a Canadian.

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  1. PigsSetTheStandard says:

    Let’s all start hitting cops with our vehicles. It’s called reciprocity. everybody deserves to be treated equally.

    • Defundthepigs says:

      Fuck the Edmonton pigs.
      That $500,000 invested in their war wagon would have been better invested in getting the pigs educations, skills and psychotherapy.
      They are so disgusting and useless.
      Defund the Edmonton mental midget pigs!

  2. EPSPUSSIES says:

    Brad Skuba is a scrawny little, he’s hasn’t been a cop for long and he has already messaged up this bad. He’s a head case like his family.
    Brad Skubas secret boyfriend is Doug Fedechko that cop that chains black guys and indigenous to walls and then beaks off at them like he’s not fat and taller than 5’8″ all of a sudden. People have lots of reason to not like the EPS. Defund the EPS.

    • ACAB says:

      Does Brad Skuba have hepatitis or just Skuba dental? Is that the Fedechkos from Sherwood Park?

      Is psycho Mikkke Elliott still having meltdowns and telling public stories?

      Is the white pride Eric Johnson still speeding excessively in his 5.0 and fabricating files?
      Is Alex Thomas still fondling people in onesies inside of one of rapist McKnight’s all time favourite rape bars?
      Is Dale McFee a movie character, twitching psycho or a skinhead Saskkk hick or both?
      Is Guy Pilon still cooking the meth and lying in a court of law?
      Does Eugene Robinson still have his hacktivist and cyberstalking team?
      Does Trevor Stroud still look at child porn?

      • ACAB says:

        I think I spelled all their names properly, let me see……
        Bradley Skuba Edmonton Police, Doug Fedechko Edmonton Police, Dale McFee Edmonton Police, Mike Elliott Edmonton Police, Eric Johnson Edmonton Police, Alex Thomas Edmonton Police, Guy Pilon Edmonton Police, Eugene Robinson Edmonton Police, Trevor Stroud Edmonton Police

      • YoureTheHandicapFedechko says:

        Doug Fedechko also stares at people through the glass and starts talking like a handicap person. Very professional, unless that is the extent of his inbred ukrainian intelligence. Ever see how ugly his wife is?

      • GarbageEdmonton says:

        Jim Stroud is a pedophile so it makes sense a Trevor Stroud would look at kiddy porn.

      • Defundthepigs says:

        BOTH!!! of McFees polish daughters polished my friend’s knob……and more than once! He called them the polish girls ROTFLMAO. I really hope McFee reads that his daughters are two bit immigrant whores.

      • JewboyStroud says:

        Is Trevor Stroud EPS or pedophile Alberta’s security pervert?
        Regardless something isn’t right with that tiny mound of shit and makes one wonder why the government always employs such people. Obviously Alberta is just that dumb or just that involved in child porn, child abuse, molesting children, raping children, selling children, killing children. Historically, excluding child porn because that is a new trend with the internet, we all know that municipal, provincial and federal govt’s in and across Canada have BEEN the group involved in child abuse/rape/molestation/selling/killing.

        The british-israeli rape machine; that’s Canada defined in a partial sentence.

      • KKKikes says:

        McFee should have stayed in buttfuck racist Prince Alberta. Edmonton is too diverse and large for that brain damaged idiot.
        McFee also married Leanne Swystun, a KIKE.
        So I guess McFee’s daughters are kikes and willing whores.

      • AnotherPolishJew says:

        Cunt-stable judeo-polak Szawlowski #3568 of the Edmonton Swine is more filth.
        This is the tiny jewish-polak puke who harassed a Sgt in the Canadian Forces and her service dog. Szawlowski even returned on other days, like a typical jewish-polak stalker and rapist to harass the Sgt further.
        Szawlowski is just another predator employed by the shitty of Edmonton.
        $100k/annually? That jewish-polak shit bag isn’t worth $7/hr.


        You spelled a name wrong. It’s ERIK JOHNSON, Erik with 3 kkk’s. Erikkk british-israeli Johnson.

        Inspector Erik Johnson:
        160lbs soaking wet, no education unless 2yrs at GMCC is considered an education of any kind.

        Deserves a spartan kick into a deep hole in the ground.

      • JimTempleton says:

        Here’s another pig. This one is now retired but
        is worth the mention.
        James Templeton or Jim Templeton was EPS and part of the special RCMP-EPS task force. James Templeton was an accessory to the murder of over 30 Indigenous women in and around the Edmonton Area.
        James Templeton is still active in freemasonry today and currently believes that anyone who says “defund the police” should not be provided any police services if ever needed and should be targeted.

      • WEMmallcoplol says:

        Erik Johnson lmao! A meter maid mall cop gone inspector with the Edmonton Police. Lmao!
        He needs a segway not a badge.

      • TriadsAndTongsAreNotChineseOrCanadian says:

        Triads in the Edmonton Police:
        Detective Calvin Mah
        Detective Calvin Mah
        Detective Calvin Mah
        Detective Lisa Mah
        Detective Lisa Mah
        Detective Lisa Mah
        Detective Alf Mah
        Detective Alf Mah
        Detective Alf Mah
        Cst. Ken Mah
        Cst. Ken Mah
        Cst. Ken Mah

        Oh and Justice Doug Mah is also a triad and a pedophile
        Oh and Justice Doug Mah is also a triad and a pedophile.
        Oh and Justice Doug Mah is also a triad and a pedophile.

      • DismantleThePolice says:

        Nobody posted racist, white trash and need some serious mental help
        Michael Partington
        Micheal Partington
        Michael Partington

      • CraftBitches says:

        S/sgt. Mike Elliott
        S/sgt. Mike Elliott
        S/Sgt Mike Elliott and
        Insp. Erik Johnson
        Insp. Erik Johnson
        Insp. Erik Johnson
        are good buddies good buddies.

        Inferiority complexes always find comfort and clout among each other.


      • ThrowingACurveball says:

        So Fiona Moffat, is she an example of the toxic EPS or and example of a typical stupid white bitch in Alberta?

    • Pigs says:

      Doug Fedechko lol lol lol lol.
      Well I can’t disagree he’s a little fat puke with mental issues. I think he’s Polish though even Ukrainians are not that dumb, pathetic, and worthless.
      Call him Dougie though, he likes it, right tiny little Dougie?

    • EPSJews says:

      Skuba and Fedechko ar both polish-kikes.
      Thought would clarify that because people refuse to acknowledge Hiltler was a KIKE also.

  3. EPSrapist says:

    I think he’s a rapist. He should be put in a line up to be identified.

  4. You know me better Skuba says:

    This man is a coward and does not have the guts to be in EPS. I had my personal experience with him where he charges me to with ridiculous amount of charges and I m a professional individual well educated. He forced the other party and without their consents press those charges against me in September of 2017. He should be fired and he doesnot deserve to be a cop. I hope the court have many negative feedback on him so that he can be fired from his work. He is a pig in uniform. White racist individual.

  5. AnimalsWithABadgeStink says:

    I’m not Islamic or Jewish but that is not a halal or kosher pig.
    Not liking the police is not just a ‘antifa’ or anarchist thing anymore, it’s the logical thing in edmonton. I’ve lived in over 50 cities but I have never seen two legged pigs until Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  6. WearamaskEPS says:

    Only thing I have to say is, I was pulled over and the EPS member came within 18 inches of my face, in the world of Covid, without a mask. Thanks for putting my life in danger you stupid fuck.

  7. EPSCowardlyScum says:

    EPS are the real criminals in Edmonton. They even frame people to pretend they are of use to the city. Their steroid ring got busted. They probably still drug girls for Christmas parties. They sexually harass female coworkers. They gang stalk innocent people. They have a fetish for beating Natives and other people of colour. They have clandestine labs operating (prob Edmonton’s meth problem). They are white supremacists, ironically with the education of other white supremacists, high school.
    Skuba is just another typical corrupt, power hungry, pathetic whimp, coward and criminal of the EPS.

    • LittleDogsAllBarkNoBite says:

      RCMP are not as nearly as bad as EPS. Probably has something to do with basic training and educations. RCMP must have psych evals also before someone gets a badge. RCMP even discharged the great supremacist and separatist Peter Downing for being a woman beater. The EPS admires child and women abusers, they are even those people.
      EPS? Nope.
      ECS=EdmontonCowardService which routinely embarrasses all law enforcement.

      • ACAB says:

        RCMP only have a longer timeline and bigger area to hide the fact they are genocidal, racist, rapists also.

    • ACAB says:

      Edmonton would be a safer and cleaner city without the wannabe LAPD Edmonton police.
      We all know who they serve and protekkkt.

  8. PolishDentist says:

    I had a J.Skuba damage my teeth and then obscenely charge me. I’m just happy I didn’t need a prescription because there would be spray paint everywhere.
    What’s the difference between a unicorn and a smart pole? Nothing, the are both fictional characters.
    How did the Germans conquer Poland so fast? They marched in backwards and the polish thought they were leaving.
    Why do poles play on artificial turf? So the cheerleaders don’t start grazing.
    How do you know a pole has been using a computer? There is whiteout on the screen.
    How do you ruin a polish party? Flush the punch bowl.
    Why do polish names often end in ski? Because the can’t spell toboggan.

  9. PoliceWhoLie says:

    Dear Bradley Skuba, I got my hands on your excessively disturbing file also: file #20-xxxx0. Pretty perverted and perverse individual you are. You even smuggly said “good luck with that” when I brought up the subject of accountability and your conduct. You are a wreckless danger to society. Too bad the good EPS all get painted with the same brush because of unstable Polaks like you.

    • DwntwnDv says:

      Bradley Skuba #3995.
      The coward, dunce and weakling of our force. Please do not judge all of us based on Skuba. The only thing I hate are criminals wearing a badge.

      • FuckTheEPS says:

        I have more than his badge number but thanks anyway. Btw you’re all pigs and I am going have my way with you cowards.

      • ACAB says:

        Bradley Skuba, he just sounds like a total jerk off.

      • ACAB says:

        Is momma’s boy Saskiw a tactical with the EPS? Didn’t that guy used to chase after people with axes? What’s his badge number? Is his mom still sucking dicks for a professional career?

    • ACAB says:

      Poor polish people, all people always catch their stupidity.

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