EPS. Not cool

Omg. I have always had a lot of respect for police in general I have met a few dicks along the way of course. But tonight was the epitome of horribleness in my opinion. I rent a room to a guy who has a drug problem. Most times he is not a problem but the last 6 months he’s been having freak outs about 1 a month that lasts for 2-3 days. He’s in a rage wont sleep and has done horrible things to my house , socks in the toilet, bread in the sink, missing door handles, broken stuff,kettle in washer, milk in cupboard just general chaos. When I freak out on him for that he starts his attacks on me. So we decided he had to move as o have had to call the cops twice already on him. He has a apartment to move into but has to pass their entry by paying some bills first. Anyway. He’s still here even though I have him money back last month and he hasn’t paid this month because he’s moving. He goes in a tangent 2 days ago. We try to ride it out but he gets impossible and slugs my son. I call the cops. They came after 20 minutes or so and took him out to the car. They said they will take him away and they advised me not to let him back in again. Ok. About 20 minutes later they came back and said I had to take him back because all the shelters are full and he’s a legal tenant. I say have you not saw the holes in my bedroom door the mess of my house my sons face??? No you can’t bring him back in here. Well I guess they can and they did. They said he promised to stay in his room. I said it’s not going to happen. They said they have no choice. I make the cop say on video that if he comes out I ei call 911 and they will return right? He kind of agrees. Before they get off my deck he’s out of his room and as I’m calling 911 he’s standing in front of me with a butcher knife. When they brought him back in I was mad and had taken their badge numbers as I felt they were not listening to my protests when they came back I yelled at them for endangering my life. . Next thing you know there’s a sergeant at my door comes in and asks if I’m declaring the rent on my taxes? Do I have a gst number? Well that’s illegal. Basically threatening me because I have a boarder( who pays the utilities only) unf—-omg real!! Because I told them I’ll be making a complaint. Because they made me take a lunatic back in my house because the shelters were full???!!! Are you kidding me. I’m sooo mad right now. Not cool eps. Not cool


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  1. I didn’t read the entire thing as I only see a portion of the post on my phone. But I stopped at the fact that you have a child. That totally threw me off.

    I rent a room in my home for extra income. I definitely try to screen well anyone that will be in my house because I have children. Here, you have someone with drugs, who wields knives and so on…and there is a child? Your first stop is to evict this person. I believe you said he was moving anyhow which is beside the point. If it is your house and you are the landlord/in charge, you need to act like it. Evict him. Period. Your child gets hit and no results? At this point I am wondering about your child, not your tenant or the eps actions…just saying!

    If it is private dwelling, you can evict the person. And yes police will escort them out if needed (or last resort, change the locks). You can make a complaint if police refuse to do so, take notes of your request, date, time and such because that will be needed in court.
    You can always take the person into civil claims for damages so make sure you have all photos, and documentation for your case. I am not sure if you have a Tenant agreement or lease, for me it specifies details on evictions, damages and such. If you need help making one, msg me and I can show you mine.

  2. But now you want them to take him to a shelter?! You housed a man with kids in your house who has a drug problem….There’s way more to this and I’m sorry, the cops couldn’t do much more themselves.

  3. Did you press charges when he hit your kid? He would have went to jail instead of a shelter!

  4. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    Cops don’t care anymore cuz they are not held accountable by the justice system.

  5. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    Calling police can often lead to a bigger mess than you started with. Perhaps think outside the box for a solution.

  6. I feel there’s something’s missing here

  7. As far as I know Edmonton shelters have not been full yet this year and I work in the industry. I would file a formal complaint.

  8. If you live in the house yourself and he is your roommate you have a legal right in Alberta to kick him out in 24 hours because he threatened you. Tell police you press charges on the threat. They must record it. If not talk to their Superior. Then do 24 hr notice on paper to hand him. Do not let him back. If necessary ask the courts immediate decision for eviction on the grounds of the threat. He is not covered by the Residential tenancy act because you live in the house.

  9. Aaron Frank Aaron Frank says:

    You really need to read the landlord and tenants act.
    Educate yourself before complaining.

  10. Heather Rowe Heather Rowe says:

    And for people who wonder. You can have a person pay utilities it’s not considered income. And to have a gst number you must earn over 30,000

  11. That is horrible you just tried to help out a person in need..then you get threatened by the police …because of him being a border… put a peace bond against this guy… and then if he does not leave and consistently won’t leave your premises have him arrested for breaking the peace bond or a restraining order… unreal just because he has physiological issues you definatley don’t need to but up with his garbage and thus then the ROD won’t have to be a burden on you let this guy deal with the police on the street or where ever else he decides to go

  12. The cops have been put in the position of being pyschologists, mental health experts, with this drug addiction epidemic. Their job is law enforcement. Its not supposed to be spending hours finding a safe place for a drug addict to stay the night.

    Because of a lack of funding by government there is a lack of beds, supports and resources for addictions and mental health supports.

    So what did you think you’d have by renting your room to a drug addict? You say you rent him a room in the beginning of your post and the it says you’re just charging for utilities at the end. Which is it? Are the cops asking a legitimate question?

  13. Video record everything including the police… They surve you as a public servant… It’s not illegal to record cops… They won’t Ike it but it is an option that can be taken and used in court

  14. A tenant is not a roommate. Roommates are not covered under the tenancy laws.

    Give him a notice to get out and store his stuff giving him access if you want.

    There are no laws to protect either one of you.

    If you rent and yes not on the lease he has no right to be there.

  15. He is a legal tenant. Unfortunately you need to go through the tenants board to evict. Serve notification etc. If he endangers it makes threats you can serve him a 24 hour eviction notice, but you must serve him.

  16. this is the problem basically anywhere with a mental health type issue…..they will make anyone they can find take it on rather than lock them up. If something bad happens on their watch they go through 2 of the 7 levels of hell that a private individual goes through. They wont admit a child who spontaneously attempts suicide to the hospital. Only if they threatened and wrote a note….not when they just quietly go down and try to hang themselves.
    Our mental health system is shambles. There is nobody that wants to deal with them and then the added layer of lets aid drug users by giving them “Safe Injection Sites”. This says, okay, come here and do drugs despite the fact that they are illegal and cause untold heartbreak and horror. Coddling addicts helps nobody.

  17. Alexii John Alexii John says:

    They did the same thing to me when my ex husband freaked out on our daughter then recommended I got a restraining order and left .. leaving him here drunk and freaking out on my kids

  18. Sara Cross Sara Cross says:

    I’ll take things that never happened for $500 Alex

  19. So much Bs.

    Why were charges not laid?

  20. If this is just a room he is renting in this house he is not a legal tenant. He is considered a roommate and they are not protected by the land lord and tenant act. They can be removed/kicked out at any time without a court order. I’ve been there and had to kick someone out.

  21. Safety issue needs to be first and foremost . Then other issues the naysayers are bringing up . Cops should know this ! Cops should act in this

  22. If you have a few hundred dollar bills I’ll deal with this problem for you

  23. Renters have rights and cannot be forcibly removed from the home they pay rent on. Evict him.

  24. Forget going to RTDRS go to the court house it will be 5 days to get in and could be 24 hours to get him out, the forms are the same as rtdrs on line. good luck

  25. Another person not claiming rental income, then you scream for help pay the taxes then you have a say

  26. Contact bikers against child abuse

  27. OP I would suggest that you go to RTDRS, take photos of damages as such, proof of his amount of rent he would be paying. Go for damages and overholding. When you guys go before the judge then you can say you want him out. You will also be able to get funds for what he has done even if you need to garnish his wages. And you can then apply 2 minutes after the time he is supposed to be moved out by. Say 48 hours he is supposed to be gone and he is 48 hours and 2 minutes. You can apply for a sheriff or peace officer to escort them out. Permanently. Also include the incident numbers from the police calls. Anything that will help. If you need feel free to PM me and I will help you navigate.

  28. Theres definitely facts being left out here

  29. Arcand Dee Arcand Dee says:

    File a report with the police commissioner.

  30. Becki Pound Becki Pound says:

    If he is a boarder he is under the innkeepers act meaning if u have the innkeepers act in your house posted soon as he doesn’t pay his rent you have rights to remove him

  31. Government agents doing government agents things.. nothing to see here. No surprise

  32. Cops are only here to protect the state and corporations they couldn’t give a fuck less about actual people or keeping them safe.

  33. Cathy Rogers Cathy Rogers says:

    If you have an eviction notice for the tenant and the time on the notice has come to terms… Then they can not force you to take the tenant they will evict him from the property. This story sounds like nonsense….

    And…. If he hit your son why would you or he not press charges? As soon as charges are laid the man would have been arrested…

    So I call bullshit on this story…

    • Heather Rowe Heather Rowe says:

      Cathy Rogers it’s not bullshit. My son is 27. Not a child. We said we don’t care about charges. Just get him out. They were ok with that. Till they had no place to take him. Then we said fine we will charge him rather than take him back.

    • Heather Rowe Heather Rowe says:

      Cathy Rogers Maybe when it happens to you. You will understand

    • Cathy Rogers Cathy Rogers says:

      Heather Rowe I’m sorry this happened to you and your son… However, I would hope that my son would press charges immediately and I wouldn’t allow a druggie to live in my home… No matter what the age of my child. I’m empathize with your situation but I won’t sympathize. The first time your tenant was either dangerous to either of you or harmful to your property, steps should have been taken immediately for his removal or eviction. So to your statement of “when it happens to you. You will understand”. The fact is… No I wouldn’t because I would have stopped that nonsense the second it started. I would not have let it get that far.

    • Heather Rowe Heather Rowe says:

      Cathy Rogers Good luck with that. I thought they would never force him back in. But I was obviously inexperienced. Never thought a cop would try to bully me not to make a complaint

    • The moment you didn’t take this seriously by NOT pressing charges is the moment it changed from a criminal manner to a civil manner.
      You can’t seem to understand this, nor can your son so all that’s holy, don’t blame the EPS for failing to enforce an imaginary law you concoct!

    • One more thought…
      Is your son, has he at been at any times a freind of this guy?

    • Cathy Rogers Cathy Rogers says:

      I’m not sure what you mean by good luck with that…. The fact is, you have to make good decisions for you and your children. If you saw he had a drug habit… You make a intelligent and logical decision towards your safety. There is no ‘luck’ about it. What are you inexperienced in?.. Being a landlord? Mother?.. What? Simple logic is if someone is attempting to hurt you, your family or property.. You deal with it quickly. You don’t allow someone to smash around 2 or 3 days a month when they are on a bender… You put a stop to that shit immediately. As Fred William Glaubitz said… Don’t blame EPS for this.

    • Heather Rowe Heather Rowe says:

      I blame eps for putting him back in the house an obviously violent and dangerous person. Yet 90 seconds later they threaten me to shut me up about their error. See it as you will. You can blame me for taking him in in the first place. I accept that. But no. The putting him back in my house was a huge fail on their part. If you can’t see that. Your eyes are shut.

    • Heather Rowe Heather Rowe says:

      We are writing an official complaint. Never should have happened jeopardize people’s lives because the shelters are full. If you and Fred feel right in that. I’ll the power to you.

    • If you had evicted him they couldn’t have brought him back. Why didn’t you??

    • Cathy Rogers Nice attempt at gaslighting. Now get off that moral high horse you’re riding on.

    • Cathy Rogers For a person who makes a living off her psychic powers to call bullshit on anything is like a nose being lectured by a fart.

    • Heather Rowe Heather Rowe says:

      Douglas Culbert ❤️

    • Cathy Rogers Cathy Rogers says:

      Douglas Culbert. By her own admission… She did not take the steps to responsibly evict someone with a drug habit from her home. Instead of taking responsibility like an adult and evicting this man the first time he attacked her or her son, broke her property, stuffed socks in the toilet and a list of other destructive behaviours… She continued to allow this man to reside on the property. Then due to her own irresponsible actions, she tries to publicly blame the police in a story that doesn’t make any sense. She or her son also has not pressed charges against a man who she claims has attacked them not only monthly when she confronts him but also her son on the day of the apparent incident with the police. It doesn’t take a psychic to figure out that this woman is extremely irresponsible and is placing unnecessary blame on eps for her lack of common sense and her irresponsibility. I believe you need to look up the term ‘gas lighting’ before you start throwing that word around. And… Perhaps also look up the term ‘common sense’ as it appears much is lacking in both your statements.

      *drops mic and rides off on my moral high horse*

    • Heather Rowe Heather Rowe says:

      Cathy Rogers He happened to be someone I cared about. So I was hoping we could help him stop using and get help. You obviously on your moral high horse have never bothered to help anyone in that position. Good on you. I on the other hand have helped and supported many with problems. It’s in my nature. I am only blaming police for putting a violent high person back in my house after I realize he’s uncontrollable and have called them for assistance. They were absolutely wrong to put him back in my house after I protested and refused them to do it. But they insisted. Endangering the lives of the four of us in the house. The drug user as well. As he stabbed himself too. So please as my friend as said. Stay on your high horse as you really know can’t see the earth from there.

    • Cathy Rogers Cathy Rogers says:

      Heather Rowe don’t judge me. You know nothing about who I have helped… Or how and honestly, I don’t need to justify myself, my actions and its nobodys business… so throwing shit like that around does not help or justify what you wrote. The bottom line is this… Having a tenant/friend or perfect stranger in your home when they are obviously dangerous /addicted or otherwise not of sound mind or body and then trying to blame the police for your own incompetence is unacceptable. YOU endangered your life and the the lives of whoever was in your home the second you invited him or allowed him to reside in your house and then YOU did not follow appropriate actions to remove him. So to justify or make this acceptable somehow in your mind, you are now blaming eps for the mess you created.

      And yes… My horse (named moral) are I are just fine where we are.. thank you!

    • Heather Rowe Heather Rowe says:

      Don’t judge you???? Wow. Yet all you have done is judge. I hope no one ever wastes good money to get a psychic opinion from you as you can’t even read basic English.

    • Heather Rowe Heather Rowe says:

      Cathy Rogers I followed exactly the procedures to remove him.

    • Cathy Rogers Cathy Rogers says:

      Heather Rowe see that is the difference between you and I. I am responding according to what you wrote and have been replying to. No where in what I have responded to have I criticized your job… Personal habits… Or debased you in any way other than responding to your post. This is what shows the morals of a human being. I personally don’t care what you feel about my job.. My income.. Or really anything about my personal life because that is not what this post is about. So you and Douglas Culbert can have a heyday saying all you wish about what I do… It has absolutely NO effect on me. But I do feel sad for you that you feel the only way you can justify your actions is by trying to rationalize my employment or me through criticism.

    • Cathy Rogers Cathy Rogers says:

      Heather Rowe and I didn’t go poking through either of your profiles to find things to try to make you see my point… Or again to justify actions. Honestly… Don’t you find it sad that you did that in the first place?

    • Heather Rowe Heather Rowe says:

      Cathy Rogers I didn’t. Didn’t have to

    • Heather Rowe Heather Rowe says:

      But when your a big Mountbatten know it all. People tend to look and see if there is any stock to it. In your case there isn’t and that’s what people look for

    • Cathy Rogers Cathy Rogers says:

      Heather Rowe …again, I have nothing to prove. But keep going… I believe enough people have already called you out on this already through your post.

  34. Yikes!!! Ya that’s total bullshit!

  35. So he hit your son and the cops did nothing… doesn’t sound very legit…

    • Eryn Dawn Mac right also why hasn’t he given buddy an eviction notice? Gotten a restraining order if he’s hitting people and threatening people with knives etc? There’s def more to this story. Also if there was proof be was vilante and high on dangerous drugs they would take him to cells till he came down not force him back into the house.

    • Eryn Dawn Mac. Oh believe me its legit my auntie hit me while holding my son and the cops did nothing becausr they couldn’t prove it.

    • I had an ex that beat the crap out of me and the cops came i was bruised and bloody and because his name was on the house title (along with mine) they said i could go find somewhere to stay but they couldnt remove him from the home.

    • Elizabeth Ashley yes there is that little thing called proof and evidence they need. Otherwise every asshole would make claims.

    • Oh it’s ligit. I’ve been on the side of being the victim and nothing happening.

    • I’ve been forced out of my house and forced to leave my children behind when I called the police on my abusive ex. I had told my ex I was ending the relationship. He flew into a rage and threatened me. By the time the police showed up 3 hours after I called them my ex was drunk. And because they were taking so long I called my mom to come over because I felt unsafe. My ex had taken my truck keys, transferred the money out of our joint account and taken my cell phone. I was forced to leave my sleeping children with him and was not allowed to take any of my belongings. I found out later on that I could have lost custody of my children for leaving them there, even though I protested leaving them. The cops just sides with my drunk ex. And every time I’ve tried to get a restraining order or called the cops on him since… same story. The ex’s dad was an OPP. So I dunno if that’s why they always side with him.

    • Trust me I know that the Edmonton police is useless and tends to protect assailants instead of the victims.

    • Cee Dee Hawn Cee Dee Hawn says:

      Never trust the cops to do their jobs right.

    • Actually I was impressed by Calgary cops

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