Eriksen Infiniti/Infiniti Canada

Where to start?
We were dazzled by the car. The luxury vehicle… the options, everything.
Never Again!

Our car isn’t very old, and has low km. We paid almost $70,000 and it’s a POS.
Window seals have already been replaced, carpeting by foot has come loose twice. Wind shield was installed improperly, and we had to fight to get this done by warranty.
Now the larger issues…
Transmission was faulty at close to 27,000 km,
Took over a year to find the problem.
Along with that warranty work, the blower motor and radiator fan was also faulty. Yes, it was warranty work.
Now? Rust. And this “luxury” vehicle stops, dead from time to time when trying to accelerate off a dead stop. Almost rear ended last week.

Infiniti Canada refuses any help other tha. “Warranty”, and said would help if we were
To purchase BRAND NEW and spend another extra $30,000.
Dealership can’t help either.
Can’t go to arbitration, too long to discuss.

So…. now we are stuck with a LEMON, out $70,000 and so disappponted in this brand.
Every repair is a fight. Every issue goes unresolved for “x” amount of time.

Buyer beware, this is not a very good investment.



4 Responses

  1. Gary Raposo Gary Raposo says:

    There excellent service group was why I bought my second vehicle at the same dealership.

  2. Victor Diaz Victor Diaz says:

    Infiniti is fucking trash. That’s what you get for buying a luxury piece of shit, I’d rather drive a Ford lmao. I’d take the PI75 Crown Vic over any luxury piece of garbage anyway

  3. Wait, a Nissan with transmission issues, not possible…


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