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I have attempted to contact a previous employer to find out when they mailed my T4 and to which address. They have absolutely neglected to submit their electronic T4’s to the CRA.

I tried calling this same ex employer again today, only to get hung up on. What should I do next? I just want to file my taxes on time.



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  1. This Guy just said he cannot get his T4 AND IT’S highly unlikely that this company has upload any present or former employees T4’s…. try and use you pay stubs to estimate your income from the ex-employer and also call the CRA And explain the situation with to the CRA about this
    ex- employer…

  2. You can log into your creamy account and get a copy right from the government as the company would have filed with the government

  3. Do you have an ROE that is what I have used in the past but only in a bind.

  4. Rachel Hart Rachel Hart says:

    You may need to file a complaint with CRA and if you do use paystubs for tax purposes be sure to put them somewhere safe as you will be audited. I had an employer that gave us late T4s but never sent them in to CRA and so I got audited this year as did some people I had worked with as well.

  5. Many of you failed to read the part where the OP said they didn’t file the t4 electronically to the CRA… hope you get this figured out O.P.

  6. Cra has all the numbers they only make us file for accountability. I don’t even use t4’s I just link my cra acct with my online income tax program and it’s done in 10 min.

  7. Okay so labour board cannot help with this, and even if they COULD it would not be done by the Apr 30 filing deadline.

    You can use your paystubs to estimate what the values on the T4 would be. Tell them you did not actually receive your t4 and this is an estimate. Assuming your employer submitted the t4 to the CRA (which should have been done no later than the end of Feb), when the CRA assess your return, they will automatically use the values on the t4 on record. If there is no t4 on record, they will go after your employer. IIRC the penalty to the employer is a late fee of $50/day for every day it is late.

  8. If they mailed them, both to you and to the cra, that’s all they have to do. They’re not required to submit online afaik. You’re responsible for giving them your change of address.

  9. Shawna Rau Shawna Rau says:

    File a complaint with the CRA.

  10. Labour Board! File a report with them.

  11. Perfect time to go off grid

  12. Labor board if your union, labor standards if your non union.

  13. Create an accout
    If you create an account and if they filed the T4s your copy of your T4 will be listed!
    If not use your last paystub for your income its your regular and OT pay as well as any taxable benefits!
    Put a note on your return that’s where you got your amounts from!
    Also, that they would not give you your T4

  14. Nemi Rai Nemi Rai says:

    The CRA has an autofile option. Where the program you use to file online, connects to your My CRA account and gets all of the information from there. They had my T4’s and T3’s.

  15. Cassie House Cassie House says:

    Call the CRA, they will chase them for you. File your taxes based on your final paystub and they will reassess when your paystub is submitted. The CRA doesn’t joke around when it comes to that.

  16. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Use your last paystub, add a note. Revenue Canada will contact them. As of April 30 all t4’s are supposed to be on your revenue Canada site

  17. The CRA should have it and if not tell them and they will get it from the employer.

  18. Call the CRA and ask them what to do….

  19. Erin EC Erin EC says:

    By law it needs to be mailed out by the end of Feb. Go directly to them and demand it.

  20. You can just use your last paycheck it should have a year to date

    • Agnes Brady Agnes Brady says:

      I agree with Lisa, just use the year to date figures from your last paycheque and if they didn’t include those numbers, just be as honest as you can with CRA & let them know you can’t get a T4 and they will deal with your ex-employer. Be sure to include the name, address & any contact information you have about them too.

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