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Exhausted and pushed past my limit

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask but I just honestly don’t even know what to do anymore. So if anyone could direct me to the right places to get help or advice that’d be really appreciated.

I live in a condo rental unit where my neighbours own their unit. Every night at 9pm sometimes later their kids begin banging on the walls usually until about 1-2am Which is not only disrupting my sleep but my son as well we get up pretty early so you can imagine how we’re functioning after months of this happening daily.

I don’t think my landlord can do much since it’s not his tenants. What can I do!?



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  1. Candy Ford Candy Ford says:

    Have your landlord bring it up with the board and after 11 pm each night call the police. N

  2. Delia Fleck Delia Fleck says:

    – These are simply my suggestions:

    (1) Keep a list of dates/times the noise occurs and a brief description.

    (2) If you feel the neighbors are approachable, perhaps have a chat with them to let them know of your concerns/complaint – asking them to stop. Write down the date/time you spoke with the neighbors and who you chatted with. Alternatively, you could write them a note setting out your complaint (keep a copy) and simply hand it to them (confirms they received the note) OR tape the note to their door – record the date/time this was done (take a photo of the note attached to the door if this is the route you take).

    (3) If talking to the neighbors is not an option or if you talked to them / left a note for them and nothing changes, contact the police regarding a noise complaint the next time this wall kicking is happening – yes even if it is 2 AM. Police will ask whether you have spoken to the neighbors about the noise – if you haven’t done so they will suggest that you talk to them. If you’ve provided a note – tell police you provided the neighbors with a note setting out your concerns / complaint and that you can show them a copy of the note (and photo if applicable) … Generally noise complaints relate to loudness (over certain decibels at certain hours of the day/night) so I don’t know whether the police would respond to a wall kicking complaint.

    (4) Speak to your landlord about the noise issues and ask him/her for a copy of the Condominium Bylaws (those should have been provided to you when you signed a Lease). Read those Bylaws and determine whether there are any provisions relating to noise and/or disrupting/interfering with other condo owners’ “quiet enjoyment” of their properties.

    (5) Determine how to make a formal complaint to the Condo Board – via your landlord – and do so if the efforts in 2 and 3 above are unsuccessful.

    The entire matter could possibly be resolved if your neighbors simply move the child’s bed away from the wall or against another “inner” wall of the bedroom – as opposed to having the bed against a wall that adjoins your unit.

    Good luck!

  3. Amy Derksen Amy Derksen says:

    Check the bylaws for the “quiet time”
    If you have access to the board bring your complaint with the “bylaw” it falls under
    If it works like most, it’s a 3 strikes and you get fined

  4. Billie Lang Billie Lang says:

    Josh Regnier op also has a kid who needs sleep, this has nothing to do with being fun, but being well rested so they can be functioning members of society.

  5. Hi. I am a condo board president. Yes, we are having this problem too. I think it is nice to addresses this first with the offending unit. If that does not resolve please contact your condominiums property manager. We are eying to resolve currentLy with a unit that owner has a property management company renting the unit out. To me that is the worst scenario and why we had a drug dealing murder in our parking lot. These companies don’t care about who they rent to unfortunately. But we will keep on the original noise complaint and try to resolve. I wish you good luck

  6. Billie Lang Billie Lang says:

    Have you tried talking to them. Sometimes being neighbourly goes a long way. Now if they are the opposite of neighbourly go directly to the condo board and file a compliant.

  7. Leave a note on their door, and if it continues file a noise complaint with the condo board. If you’re unsure of how to get ahold of them explain the situation to your landlord and they can contact them for you.

  8. AW Smith AW Smith says:

    Oh lovely. I go through the same thing here. Their kids are running around at all hours and the adults stomp until 2-3-4 in the morning and then are up again at 7 stomping. At one point, I was lacking in sleep so badly I felt delusional. Both my neighbors & I tried to chat with them and got the ole eff you. I tried making complaints with the police as like I said, it was happening at all hours but they were straight up with me and said there wasn’t much they could do. Anyway, I recently (last Friday) found a way to contact the condo board even tho I’m a tenant under a specific landlord and not supposed to. They did say they would look into it. Crossing my fingers.

  9. I have to listen to my neighbors continually having sex,my walls are so thin,I hope they can’t hear when I put the cup against the wall.

  10. Josh Regnier and apparently you need to learn to read. OP has explained the circumstances. Earplugs won’t block out someone banging on a wall.

  11. Call the police.
    There are noise laws in place. Just keep calling them….

  12. Susan LB Susan LB says:

    Everyone has a right to peaceful enjoyment of their suite. It’s in the building bylaws and in the condo act. Call the condo manager. They will issue a warning and if the noise continues they can issue fines and even an eviction even if it is an owner.

    • Susan LB I’m curious, of an owner is evicted, what happens to the mortgage, do they have to sell the property?

      My understanding is theyll just charge them bigger and bigger fees when in violation of condo rules…..butni havent lived in a condo so this is all hear say lol

    • There was a particular instance where a really disruptive homeowner was forced out because of the constant issues they created. I think it was in Calgary last year. I’m not positive.

    • Susan LB Susan LB says:

      Charlene Piche sure they do. It’s still their property but they aren’t allowed to live there. They would likely have to sell or rent out the suite.

  13. Josh Regnier long term sleep disruption can really mess with a person. If it wasn’t long term I’d totally agree with you.

  14. Call the cops I own my condo and when I moved in the people
    Above me came and said hey if we are too loud come tell us please don’t call the cops
    As the person before you always called
    The cops
    On us
    So I’m pretty sure if You called them
    They would help you

  15. I was curious about maybe leaving a letter.


    If you have the nerve. Knocking on their door and explaining about thin walls.

  16. Try talking to your neighbor about it or leaving a note on their door. If that doesn’t work report it to the manager. That way if it continues on there’s a paper trail.

  17. Record it as evidence. And start making noise complaints to the city police. Maybe the parent’s don’t know their kids are banging on the walls at night. If you send police few time at 1-2am about the banging they’ll start watching their crotch goblins more.

  18. Sue Topps Sue Topps says:

    Did you ever try and communicate with the people that do the banging and politely ask them to stop???

  19. Whether it’s a condo rental or owned condo, there’s a condo board that can take the complaints…. in fact they’re probably stricter than a standard apartment rental as people pay fees for the board. Best of luck!

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