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Exhausted stressed beyond limits

So I need to get somethings of my chest that is really starting to break havoc on my life.

A few years ago I got sick and things have been a battle every since. I am on AISH I am not able to work just yet when I do it will not be full time by any means. Every month my budget runs negative $200 I sell personal belongs clothing that no longer fits(weight loss plus) i can to make up the deficit. Honest people never seem to get a break so sadly I’ve started shop lifting in my 30s in order to survive i feel like i have to steal groceries and household needs. I have extreme anxiety over this. I cant seem to find anymore resources I’ve lost friends and family due to financial issues. I’m lost really dont know any more resources.

I’ve been wait listed with Capital Housing for 4 years now and there has been no money given in the provincial budget for Housing again.

If anyone has suggestions please let me know



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  1. Would you like to pm me?
    I am now legally handicapped as well. I have 2 kids. My income is low (lower than AISH) as Avon is my income source. I also recently returned to school to finish my psychology degree. Maybe you just like someone to talk who gets how hard stretching that dollar is. We can talk about budgetting and financial ideas – I can tell you how I plan mortgage and food and bills. You might get a friend or at least a free shrink (student) out of it 🙂

  2. Can you possibly find someone who is also struggling and share housing.

  3. Pam Winski Pam Winski says:

    make use of current resources that exist.
    Food bank is an obvious one.
    WeCan Food Basket is another one, and it has depots across the city. You prepay for your food and then you get a whole bunch of stuff for $20 or $25 – veggies, fruit, meat.
    There’s free bread runs across the city.
    Collective Kitchens can help you with food preparation and further reduce costs.
    Look into the Food Banks “Beyond Food Program” too, maby there’s some resources there that can help you get ahead instead of further behind.

  4. Travis Millar they didn’t cut back AISH. They just are not getting the 1% increase as usual which is equivalent to maybe an extra $1/month.

  5. Joanne Gray Joanne Gray says:

    PLEASE – can we stop with the judgement! This person has had the courage to share some of their story. There are many in this predicament, and sadly, there will be more. Our government is f’d and people have needs. What are we willing to do about it? If you can not help, at the very least, please do no further harm those that are in need.

  6. Oh, and to add on, I have anxiety and panic disorders, GERD, fibromyalgia, and kids with disabilities, and I’m all alone.

  7. Until someone in my field of work catches you, then you go.down for theft, where will you be then, what about you’re kids? Being momless? I’m uniform security and loss prevention. It’s a hard job sometimes empathizing with people and knowing why they do it, but we do catch you sooner or later. I struggle alot too, even working single parents struggle, shoplifting is not the way to go. Where there is a will, there is a way.

  8. says:

    i may be able to make helpful suggestions, contact me if interested

  9. Adrianne Gaa Adrianne Gaa says:

    What about the food bank?

  10. Scott Abel Scott Abel says:

    Am I the only asshole here, I seen a guy with no legs working the other day, and a kid at the grocery store on arm crutches apparently he has spina bifida and has to take the bus from the west end , he’s there everyday

    • Scott Abel It’s not that you’re an asshole, you (and the rest of us) don’t know the full story. We don’t know how bad this persons mental or physical disabilities are. It’s wonderful that people with no legs can work, but I bet you that didn’t happen over night. Not everyone’s situation is the same. Do I condone the shoplifting? No. But when times are tough, some people resort to doing things that are not right in order to survive. I hope this person find the help that they need to get out of this horrible place that they are in.

    • Scott Abel not every disability is the same. Some people legitimately cannot work. However, I do agree that the vast majority of people who are on AISH are able to work part time. And up to a certain amount it doesn’t cut into AISH benefits. The bigger issue is often being aware of and/or supported/trained to get the part time work that is doable.

    • Scott Abel Scott Abel says:

      I would assume most people are entitled, I have a hard time standing out in -20 half the year trying to feed my family and half of it is for people who can’t or won’t. Seems fair though right. I should have to sacrifice my children’s time and effect their upbringing because both there parents are working their asses off all year. There has to be a line

    • Scott Abel seen a guy get Aish cause he fucked up his brain on meth some people don’t deserve it then there would be funds for the ones that do if I was in charge a piss test every month u want a check

    • Amanda Davies yup. You’d be surprised how many people get AISH because their “disability” is actually an addiction.

  11. Nicola Robak Nicola Robak says:

    don’t steal I’m in the same boat as are thousands of others there are many places to get food bread etc don’t go down that road there are numerous sites on Facebook to help with food

  12. I feel ya $1685 a month with rent, bills , bus pass , nothing left at the 1st if the month….Sometimes 35 days between AISH checks. I have tried for CRHC 4 times in 24 years and 3 times got denied. ( I am married since 93 and 4 kids too) and the year we finely got acepeted we had a stable home …..Direct rent subs are not there for the ones who need it the most….I have 3 payday loans out just to pay bills off.

  13. Honest people and shoplifting do not fit in the same sentence. Let’s start there. Second, housing right now for anyone is ridiculously priced. You can apply for the subsidy to private landlord through Capital Region Housing. They will pay your landlord directly up to $500/month depending on what you qualify for. Make some calls to 211…they can direct you to some other resources as well.

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