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Alberta had a long history of voting Conservative which illustrates our values including having a small government. We have people who believe in keeping government out of their business now looking for that social safety net they have invested so little in over the years. Alberta is a place where people migrate to for work…because there was a need. Why don’t people unable to find work here that are from Alberta…MOVE!? That’s what the rest of the world does yet Alberta think they are special. You’ve created a bubble here is unsustainable and you have geemrations here who were raise to be good enough for Alberta standards which are well behind the times.

In some ways Albertans got a raw deal with layer upon layer of misinformation and brainwashing but at the same time, your surplus through oil money did not go to creating a robust social safety net because you don’t value it. You don’t value paying into a social safety net and are accustomed to paying away your problems. When you have a culture that has no need for much to make sound sense it is difficult to be taken seriously. Every time we start to feel sorry for the circumstances people are in, we are reminded that this is what the people wanted however ill informed it may be.

You want social services, pay for social services. Don’t wait until you happen to be in need to then get upset that a single person on Income Supports gets about $800 a month to live on. Albertans believe that people who need financial assistance are lazy and undeserving. That’s what it means when you vote conservative.

Half of Albertans can’t afford to get sick and they don’t even know it. Then you have people trying to hang on to their jobs but are being pushed out because they need accommodations. Income supports doesn’t care how much money you need to live on…they just want you in a job. This is what conservative values look like in everyday life.

There is a cost to ignoring the needs of the poor which is Albertans history: poor people who happened to find oil. No more oil and still poor. Poverty of the mind is real.



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  1. AlbertaStinks says:

    Only a brainless hillbilly would vote Conservatard.

  2. Brent says:

    People of Alberta aren’t looking for social assistance. They want the govt of cananda to stop making rules the directly negatively impact them by preventing them from selling what we have to offer. Big government isn’t needed to save for the future. You are right the govt of the past should have saved for the future. I am not sure what the distribution of funds would look like and it would probably be unfair and given to wealthy people. You talk about migration, why do you think people are migrating to Canada? For the work? No, it is for the free stuff. The stuff that has been set up as a safety net for people already working here. You can’t tell me that the 120 people living in the renovated office building costing tax payers 5500 each per month are here for the work. The goal of the current federal govt is to make the people dependent on them. By killing jobs with their policy and brinigng in more people than are needed and don’t speak the language. They are trying to create a culture of dependency. Why? For control. Control of the little people.

    • AlbertaStinks says:

      Hahahahaha. You are suggesting Albertans “can speak the language”. Never in my life have I seen people butcher their mother tongue like Albertans do….and they can’t even speak a second language!
      Yee haw albertuh, git er done. Must be lead and bitumen in the water, unless of course it’s just a province of hillbillies.

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