Facebook over used

I have a friend who uses Facebook live all time. ALL.THE.TIME!!! When she’s stuck in traffic, shopping, at the park with her grand daughter are a few examples.

Why? Some of us might care but seriously rush hour traffic?! It’s RUSH HOUR! Everyone just got off work what did you expect?!

Smh. I don’t might the Facebook for concerts or hockey games but random stuff in your day 5+ times a day is a bit much. You’re not a celebrity.



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  1. It’s illegal to be on your phone even if stuck in traffic if you are the driver

  2. Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

    You can snooze her posts. Just do that instead of whining.

  3. So “hide” them from your newsfeed

  4. distracted driving,,,,,she’ll get caught anytime soon

  5. Uh maybe just scroll by, and unfollow or unfriend it’s very simple.

  6. Jason Pacholuk lol well thank you

  7. Jason Pacholuk lol well thank you

  8. Natalie A Chesser dr you look good

  9. Natalie A Chesser dr you look good

  10. Natalie A Chesser just a little camera shy that will change in time !!

  11. Oh no nope I hate videos of myself so not a chance

  12. Jason Pacholuk nope never lol

  13. Ian Young Ian Young says:

    Josh Regnier! Love it!

  14. Ian Young Ian Young says:

    Yet here you are on Facebook

  15. Cameron Lenz Cameron Lenz says:

    Attention seeker ,,,what a sad life to live

  16. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    Look you posted this to Facebook

  17. Sounds like you’re the one who should logoff. Why is this even on your radar?

  18. Nicole Celis Nicole Celis says:

    Who cares if it’s your friend than why does it matter lol

  19. Amy Power Amy Power says:

    It’s not like Facebook makes you watch it. Just scroll on by or if it bothers you that much I believe you can snooze their post for like 30 days or even just unfriend them

  20. Crystal Leah Crystal Leah says:

    Don’t watch? Turn off the notification? Scroll on by? She seems to like it, let her be happy

  21. Whoa is me, I mean you. Some people need to know what’s going on with everyone else all the time. Could be many reasons as to why.
    My question is why does it bother you enough to post it on Facebook. In hopes she will see? Lol
    Who knows

  22. so don’t watch. seems pretty simple

  23. How do you know she’s posting 5 times a day? Apparently you’re on Facebook quite a bit too.

  24. Josh Ua Josh Ua says:

    Unfollow her. Chill.

  25. Ignore it. It doesn’t affect your life in any way.

  26. she enjoys it, so what!!!! why does it bother you so much?

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