Families and Holidays

How do you divide holidays amongst two families? There’s our immediate family, husband, wife and children, his family and her family.

What has worked for your family and what hasn’t?



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  1. Kole Dupe Kole Dupe says:

    1 year with one family 1 year with the other family

  2. I would add plus one year for your family alone. Make memories with Mom & Dad for your kids.

  3. Jes Woodman Jes Woodman says:

    easy … i start cooking a few days early , and invite them all .. if they want to eat with us , they show up .. if they want to do their own thing , they dont show up .. pretty basic

  4. Alexii John Alexii John says:

    We do us and our family

    And for the most part we try to plan it so we can make room for both sides

    It’s not always possible but we do our best

  5. Have them come to you as well. Alternate.

  6. Carole Dacko Carole Dacko says:

    My siblings and I will one year spend with our family then the next year with my husband’s family. If it’s my husband’s year my family will coordinate a time either before or after the holiday to celebrate the occasion. Its worked perfectly for 20 plus years.

  7. It’s not about pleasing the families… It’s about making sure the kids are happy. If family members want to to be involved they can make effort to do so. But by no means doni go out of my way to please anyone other than my children and partner. Just my opinion…
    Also I don’t make effort to not include people either. Or not take my kids to events. I just don’t stress over making sure it’s fair for adults. My life is about my kids.

  8. Our little nuclear family comes first – consideration given to allergies, nap schedules, length of time in the car, etc.

    Then we try and attend events on both sides – if something conflicts, we attend the event we RSVP’d to first.

    Worst case scenario, I host. 1 event, in my home – if you can join us, wonderful! If not, it’s a bummer, but enjoy the holiday! The advantage of hosting means I have control over allergens, when we eat, how far we (don’t) go, etc.

  9. Switch out and be done with it

  10. We used to alternate every year but it gets so tiring. So we don’t usually do any of the small holidays (Easter Thanksgiving) with other family just the 4 of us. And for the last 2 years we have hosted Christmas dinner. This year we had both families come to our home for gifts and dinner. It was 13 ppl in total but it was a great day. And we only ever have both families together at our boys bdays

  11. In our case, my maternal grandma was widowed and had no other children but my mom, so she was with us every holiday. My paternal grandparents had four boys but were with us every second Christmas and any major events, like my grad, my parents’ anniversary, etc. Thanksgiving was usually similar to Christmas.

    Had Mom had siblings, Grandma may have gone around to the other kids. Then again, my great grandmother had 10 children, 8 of whom were able to take care of her, and my grandmother cared for her for 18 years, other than short ‘vacations’ when Great Grandma would go visit one of her other children for a couple of weeks.

  12. This Easter we are doing my family on Friday, his family on Saturday And friends brunch on Sunday.

    Eve his mom’s
    Morning my mom and grandma
    Dinner back and forth each year
    Boxing day friends or the other family.

    I asked my family to do dinners on the non traditional date

  13. Shelley Diachuk Miller lol


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