How do I find help? I need help

Where does one call when feeling overwhelmed? I’ve dismissed myself for so long, told myself to man up and deal with my stuff for so long, changed so much to accommodate others, that I don’t know how to seek help anymore.

I’ve had this mask on for so long It just pops on when I see my friends, it’s automatic, I try to get the conversation started to say I feel like crap but I can never bring myself to say it, and the damn thing is so good nobody can see past it. I need help. My moods swing from euphoric to depressed, to spending hours just staring into space, to rage cleaning the whole house non-stop… and I can’t stop it, it’s like a tidal wave, I feel it rise like waters in a flood but I can’t talk about it. I insult myself all the time in my head.

I called the nurse at health link AB and she was kind enough to listen to me but because I don’t have suicidal thoughts all she could do was tell me to go to my dr and ask to be referred to another clinic. But I would have to tell others in order to go to the dr or the other clinic and I am not ready for that. is there a number I can call?



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  1. Call your local primary care network. What side of the city are you on?

  2. Jessy Turner Jessy Turner says:

    Catholic Social Services provides free resources. Ask your fam doc too.

  3. Joan Warren Joan Warren says:

    See you family dr take vit d

  4. Dear Anonymous, a couple things struck me while reading your post. One, pull off the mask and be. There is not many things in this world more tiresome and emotionally draining than betraying yourself to put on a show for others. Everyone is struggling with something and you find it engulfing you. The first thing you should do is find yourself and be you. Crap and all! One life that’s it that’s all you get be in it for you and do what makes you fulfilled.
    Secondly you’re afraid of being you! It’s easier to call or text but being you in front of someone even a professional scares you. I get that. I really do.
    You are worth the work and effort for no one else but you. Go to the dr. He can hook you up with a psychiatric nurse and talk just talk you need to. It really does help you sort stuff out.
    Be brave for you !
    Message me anytime if you’re in the need to just talk. I mean it been there and it’s necessary to let that shit go!

  5. Please – don’t be ashamed of how you’re feeling. I get the sense that you don’t want anyone to know and well, if you had diabetes – would it matter? Getting the right help is what you need now and you don’t need to be worrying about ‘how it looks’ to others – they don’t matter. And if they do give you a hard time – that’s their problem, not yours. The psychiatric clinic at the UofA hospital has a number of excellent programs. I wish you well on your journey.

  6. Tina Cowan is an amazing psychologist… look her up!

  7. Doris Heck Doris Heck says:

    Call AB mental health, the crisis line or distress line. Or go to the Emergency Room. Get help, as with any disease you need a health care practitioner to guide you to stabilizing your symptoms. It’s hard work & it takes courage. When you are ready you may choose from your family or friends a support system

  8. I’m sorry you are going through this …. please pm and I have a several options for you to look into. There are people that can help you get to your real truth and help and heal ….

    • Katy Cole Katy Cole says:

      Thanks for offering to help this person!

    • Katy Cole no problem the hard work begins with this persons first step …. I’m hoping whatever avenue they take they reach out and make that first step and sometimes it takes several times but never give up till someone listens and guides you in the direction most helpful … thank you for acknowledging that ❤️

  9. Call the Support Network and speak with one of the supportive listeners (they are there 24/7). They can help by listening and helping you analyze what you need, and will provide ideas contact numbers for support groups or counselling services. The Support Network also provides a free face to face session with a qualified counsellor on first come, first serve basis. Call 482 4357 (482 HELP). Good luck


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