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Finding a room to rent..

I am trying to find a room for rent in my area (SE). Many ads say Punjabi only so I don’t apply. The ones that don’t say it end up telling me in a message that only ethnic is ok.

I went to see a room and they refused me at the door for my skin he told me only Punjabi girls allowed because my kind isn’t trustworthy.. Is this discrimination allowed? (I am a visible minority but not East Indian).



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  1. OP I have a room to rent. Please send me a PM!

  2. I rent a room in my home and I’ve never had an issue with any race but do wish to have a male tenant as I have an 18 year son who doesn’t want a younger girl moving in….so yes In my home I do get to choose. Sorry it shouldn’t be about ethnicity though.
    Btw mine is up for rent aug 1 I’m in mill woods.

  3. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    But if anyone places a restriction for “whites only”, it’s considered racist!

  4. Yes. It’s the place your allowed to be gender and race specific is when you looking for a roommate.

  5. Joe Cutting Joe Cutting says:

    Someone’s renting a room 83 av and 104 st

  6. Yes people can choose who they have living in their home. They are very cultured and don’t want smokers, whores, drunks/druggies renting from them who they think they will have to chase down for the rent and damage the property

  7. Unfortunately if they own the property it’s their rules and preferences. I’ve seen the same with businesses. There is a local insurance company here in millwoods that refused to hire anyone who wasnt of the same color and religion as the owners. During my unemployed time I was pissed because they paid well and I was MORE than qualified for their admin position but they wouldn’t even interview me because I wasnt the right color.
    I could see it being necessary if they needed you to be bilingual to deal with clients who speak another language but it was back office admin work and i was quite offended. I couldn’t post an ad saying “only white people who speak english” I’d get crucified! (Not that I ever would hire on those requirements!)

    But, end of the day – their home, their business – their rules I guess.

    Gotta respect people’s right to choose. I hope you find a room soon!

  8. He literally told you that it is your skin colour that isn’t trustworthy? Or did you assume because he stated Punjabi only, which he has every right. I wouldn’t have been comfortable sharing my home with someone who lives a completely and totally different life than me either. Different cultures have different religions, foods, clothing, etc….and why should he have people living in his home who don’t follow his way of life. Maybe he’s looking for a roommate for his daughter…He has every right to be comfortable in his home. I have seen adds asking for only female (or male) Christian roommates and nobody barked about that.

  9. I have a room for rent in my home. I don’t have a gender or race or religion preference but it is not always discriminating.
    I have had tenants that mentioned they won’t live in a house with beef…after everything was signed and agreed and they are aware that my family does eat beef products.
    Perhaps they want someone of same cultural or religious origin for that reason.
    You don’t want to be somewhere that wants specific needs, it will not end well. I can’t speak to the specific person, I don’t know them. But likely it is personal reasons that have zero to do with you, instead they need someone that understands culture. There are tons of rooms for rent, I know we’ve had many months of no tenants and many people I know say the same thing. Go on kijiji and check out the places.

  10. Shared accommodations are not the same as a rental property

  11. Tanita Nita Tanita Nita says:

    Theres lots of ads like that (sadly.) But it cant be changed there will forever be preference and unfortunately at times straight racism – you dont have to be white to be racist. Its pretty sad. I dont know why people who have such firm preference dont just rent within their family or family friends because that shit is not right. But im sure it wont change unfortunately. Just keep looking, dont give up! There are loving welcoming people out there of all backgrounds who are not racist or so stuck in their closed mind world. We are out there 🙂 Much luck! One love

  12. This post is kinda reaching. Lol

  13. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    Gotta love that Multiculturalism.

  14. Hugh Hawes Hugh Hawes says:

    Would you be happier that they didn’t post Punjabi only and then they don’t offer you the room and not tell you why? They very clearly want to rent out a room in their house to people they have stuff in common with. It’s not discrimination it’s just real life.

  15. Ruth Beter Ruth Beter says:

    Racist it sounds like

  16. Hanna Garvey Hanna Garvey says:

    Why would you want to live with that person anyways

  17. Nata Corte Nata Corte says:

    ghettoize[ get-oh-ahyz ]SHOW IPA
    verb (used with or without object), ghet·to·ized, ghet·to·iz·ing.
    to place or collect in a ghetto:
    New immigrants still tended to ghettoize in the cities.

  18. Isn’t that pretty blatant racism?

  19. Bal Kahlon Bal Kahlon says:

    A person should be allowed to rent a room to whoever. If they’re already renting to Punjabi girls then they’re probably looking for another girl to rent the vacant room. There’s so many places to rent so I’m not sure why this is even a big deal. The owners can decide to rent the room to whoever best fits their criteria. Some people chose to rent to certain nationalities because it’s easier for them to communicate. From my own personal experience, it doesn’t matter who you rent to. There’s only a few people that take care of someone else’s house. The rest don’t give two shits and walk away leaving the owner to clean up the mess.

  20. You wouldn’t want to live in a cess pool of stench and live under an iron fist would you?

  21. Ron Barchuk Ron Barchuk says:

    For private rooms in someone’s home they can turn down anyone for any reason. But rental companies cannot.

  22. Funny I see that lots. Now if a white person did that, all hell would break loose.

  23. Where do these trolls come from, and why does their shit keep getting posted. People are actually taking it seriously.

  24. Call the landlord tenant act

  25. Sorry to hear of your encounters lately. I believe you could contact the landlord tenant board about this matter and see what the parameters are around this? From what I understand, when you share common space such as the kitchen and livingroom, the actual landlord and tenant act rules do not apply… as you are sharing their residence. With that being said I’m sure racism is not acceptable but they might be looking for someone whom they can talk to in their own language and eat the same food??? Same culture and stuff??? Sorry but I hope this helps you

  26. Marketplace on Facebook has tonnes. And studios if you’re willing to pay 6-$700.

  27. Frankly if they’re discriminating I wouldn’t want to be there anyway. Have you called any of the local churches perhaps one of their members has space to rent or expand your search many college and university students look for shared space as well. Might find somewhere to share w a student.

  28. Kat Weiss Kat Weiss says:

    I mean, Punjabi people have a very specific culture, and would probably want their room tenant to share their culture with them. I wouldn’t want to intrude personally.

  29. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    And as for people can do it but companies can’t?
    Anyone who’s ever pounded the pavement for a truck driving job has seen the ads.
    “Now hiring gravel truck drivers, Pakistani or hindi preferred.”
    What would happen if I posted an ad that said “ caucasion english speakers preferred “?
    Id go broke paying lawyers.

  30. Imagine if they said “white” only.

  31. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    Tape all future encounters then take it to the media

  32. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    Yes that is being racist.. renting in their home so it’s ok to be racist … but an organization… cannot be racist

  33. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    they can chose. good luck.

  34. Unfortunately they don’t have to rent to you especially if it’s a room in their home.

  35. Barry Martin Barry Martin says:

    Racism is the new norm.

  36. If it’s a room in their home, then yes, they can absolutely choose who they rent to. If it’s a rental property, I’m certain that wouldn’t be tolerated. Sorry you have had such a hard time. Hopefully your luck changes.

  37. Unless it’s a public rental company (like Boardwalk) I’m pretty sure you can’t really play the discrimination card… as bad as it sounds, if they don’t want you living there for that reason I’d just accept it and tell yourself that you don’t wanna live with people like that anyway and move on. You’ll find something.

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