Since many are playing “entrepreneur” this Christmas season and are preying on vulnerable parents by jacking up prices on Fingerlings, I’d like to do something different and help those who can’t afford the ridiculous prices that these Fingerlings are selling for.

With my prime membership, Amazon let me order one in each colour, 3 of them are already spoken for. I still have one in red, blue and light blue colour. You only have to pay for the cost, that is $19.99 plus GST. Other than that, all you have to do is pick it up here on Dec. 4th when they arrive. Pay upon pick up.

I guess this will be my one good deed for the year. I’ll see if I can order more, but so far, that is all I have that’s guaranteed to come as I already placed an order for them.

Comment here and I’ll get in touch with you.



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  1. May I please have one??

  2. Blue please. Have been trying to get one for my daughter. No luck as of yet.

  3. …but wait…there’s more!!!

  4. The hatchimals of this year. I am so glad my son hasn’t been into these items. People in Edmonton are trying to sell them for 60-200 dollars for one on kikiji. Sickening, but it happens every year. Good for you for being a decent human.

  5. Hey guys I am the original poster, I sent this in yesterday but it just got posted now. I am sorry but I already maxed out my order and the ones I have are now spoken for. Amazon prime member only allows 6 of each colour per customer. I would recommend signing up for their one month free Prime trial so you can order them online. It is free shipping if you buy it as a Prime member! Good luck! Here’s the link to the free trial:

  6. Amy Melby Amy Melby says:

    I don’t need any, but thank you for being a kind soul!

  7. Erin Julien Erin Julien says:

    Just like a hatchimal last year, I had no problem at all ordering them on Amazon prime. Just keep checking. Do not pay over inflated prices, and these scalpers will be stuck with the inventory.

  8. Sabrina Guenther-Flett

  9. April Snow April Snow says:

    OP you are a good person.

  10. Rhon Magyar Rhon Magyar says:

    I will truly NEVER understand the feeding frenzy over any damn you that is going to hold a k8ds I retest for maybe one morning before it ends up in the done with like LOL


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