Fireball on a Sunday – A Missed Connection

On the off chance that this ever reaches the handsome young man in the dark blue pick up who purchased beer and Fireball from a complete idiot (namely me) last Sunday, I just want to say that I’m so, so sorry. I did not intend to be so rude. I’m generally not one to make excuses and I accept responsibility for my actions and mistakes. I’m not usually so dense, or so ungracious. You are one of the most charming and delightful customers I have ever served. I do, however, feel compelled to at least attempt to explain myself…

Your suggestion that we hang out together sometime came right out of left field and the resulting concussion upon impact with my unprepared and aged brain left me incapable of processing the veracity of the proposition. I mean why on earth would a handsome young man like yourself want to hang out with a middle-aged woman like me? That and the fact that I was secretly fantasizing about touching your impeccable beard, kind of left me incapable of conjuring a coherent response. Thus the crazed babbling that ensued!

This does not excuse my appalling behaviour. I can only beg your forgiveness. Should you come across this plea, it would be my humble honour to apologize in person. Next time you are in need of beer and/or Fireball… Well, you know where to find me.



18 Responses

  1. I hope you get another opportunity!

  2. Fireball dude – run!!!

  3. Ruth Beter Ruth Beter says:

    We aren’t perfect, we all make mistakes, it’s ok, if this makes you feel better, Jesus loves you

  4. Been there, made the moronic comment………..go get em’ girl! By no means the same situation, but definitely got my man. Many laughs over the miscommunication have been had!

  5. Caralee Boychuk someones salty ……..if u cant be helpful leave her be !!

  6. Sheila Desjardin grow up. No one says salty anymore. I was being sarcastic lmao calm down

  7. Caralee Boychuk I still use salty, it’s a good description I think!

  8. Ju Li Anne Ju Li Anne says:

    At a cougar bar haha

  9. Noh Huan Noh Huan says:

    holy crap debra sit down.

    • Noh Huan Noh Huan says:

      i feel secretly bad when i post that crap bc i’m all “a debra will probably see it and be sad”. one little picture i saw once from a friend named karen was captioned:
      “when you name is karen and you go on the internet”
      and underneath is a picture of a cartoon lady huddling in a corner.
      damned if i can find it tho bc the plethora of memes with the name karen in it.
      debra is another one. there are more but once you try and think on the spot it becomes less accessible.

  10. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    Best of luck. Ignore the negative Nancy’s.

  11. Caralee Boychuk I’ve heard people use the word salty lol

  12. Rye Weskey Rye Weskey says:

    I too have an impeccable beard *strokes beard, crumbs and doritos fall out of it*


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