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Fitbit Side Effects on Arms or Hands?

I started wearing a Fitbit Versa to help track my steps and as a more quiet alarm to wake me up in the morning. But I noticed my wrist feeling weirdly sore and that my hand or wrist feels tingly sometimes.

Has anyone experienced this before?

I wonder if I should just take a break from wearing it sometimes or just stop altogether. How about other fitness/ smart watches?



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  1. Jason Ellard Jason Ellard says:

    If your worst is sore, start dating more….

  2. Happened to me with the versa. I tried a new band and cleaning but it still bothered my wrist and left a rash, emailed Fitbit and they refunded me without question.
    I wear a flex 2 now and it’s fine

  3. My mom has this issue as well and then started to lose grip strength and mass in her hand. She stopped wearing it and it all came back.

  4. Could b silicone allergy from the wrist band?

  5. I developed burns on my wrist where the sensors were and along the side. My skin felt like leather and one area opened up and had to wrapped for a while. Not exactly tingly, but something to keep an eye out for.

  6. It gives off energy even just from the battery. Not surprised. My chiro told me to stop wearing a watch. Causing a weakness in the wrist. Just like the wifi signals…led lights in your house…

  7. Do you have it on too tight? My husband and I have been wearing a Fitbit for 5 years sleeping with it every night no issues. We both have the “one”, though, which had a soft wristband. When his wristband broke he used a sock for a while and I bought material to make him a new band. Maybe you could wear something softer and looser around your wrist?

  8. Yup change the band and clean the contact point regularly

  9. Try get a different band for it. I react badly to the plastic ones, but I ordered a leather one and now I have no issues at all

  10. Might be an allergy to the wristband
    Some people will get custom ones outta silver
    Ect just cause the type of material they use in those smart watches they are allergic to the band 🙂 you mighta found a brand new allergy you didn’t know you had

  11. My mom had this happen, and my son gets a rash from his vtech kids watch within a couple hours of wearing it.. I don’t have any issues with my Fitbit versa doing that personally tho

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