Flight Parents to Escort Rescue Dogs from Cancun

Are you flying Cancun to Canada Edmonton with Westjet, Interjet or Air Transat etc?!? let us know please.. We have rescue dogs and cats ready to meet their new family.
**Please share to someone you know that might be able to help.**
What is a “flight parent”? A flight parent is an individual who is willing to save a life by accepting an animal(s) as your cargo when you travel to select areas of Canada,
In this case Vancouver.

The rescue handles all expenses by collecting donations (or sometimes out of pocket) and cover the costs for the animal(s) to fly with you.
There is no extra work on your end other than bringing the animals through customs: all paperwork is given and explained to the flight parent in advance, its quite simple.
When you get to your destination our volunteers are there to accept vet paperwork and animals with open arms. This is such a special, close knit and loving community to be part of. Please join our team!
Again, there is NO EXTRA EXPENSE TO TRAVELERS. Just the pride in helping save lives!!



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  1. THIS is Rediculous Notice they dont say What Rescue Because its a FOR PROFIT and they get these dogs for free then get people to bring them for free on theyre ticket and people pick up the dogs at the airport when they arrive UNREAL No home checks No adoption forms just give cash take a dog THIS needs to STOP
    we have Hundreds of dogs here needing homes

  2. What Rescue is this pls And is it a FOR PROFIT Rescue

  3. We gave way too many animals in pounds all over the country that need forever homes.. why in the hell bring in more.. what about disease they can bring in… damn crazy!!!

  4. What rescue organization is this through?

    Anyone who is wanting to assist in this, please do your research on the rescue first! Not all rescues are reputable rescues!

  5. This new fad of bringing animals in from other countries is so stupid. All you’re doing is disguising your greed , as its easy money to make. If you really care about animals start with the ones here. We all know there are more then enough animals here who need some love. Perhaps its time for the government to stop allowing this .

  6. I’m flying from Cancun to Edmonton tomorrow…with Sunwing

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