Follow up on whereabouts of Willow

Just following up to some of the comments from my post on the whereabouts of Willow.

We were living in Fort Saskatchewan at the time. Walking, technically was an option – but not in the winter. She did phone a couple cab companies and no one would take the dog.

We didn’t post on here because I only found out about this page last week. Even if we were aware of this, the chances of it being posted in time seems unlikely.

She did not sign any papers to surrender her – I know she was dealing with the lady by phone and by email. Maybe the email was counted as proper surrendering? I’m not sure. Like I said, we were there within that same week to follow up on the dog and no one could tell us anything.

The reason the family did what they did is because Willow had separation anxiety and became too much for them to handle. My gf and that dog have never spent more than a normal working hour day apart.


Obviously, my gf feel awful and guilty and is constantly saying how she should have done this and that – but I even know, at that time, there was nothing she could have done. She did her best. We have since adopted a rescue dog. Different breed and completely opposite of Willow and they do not have that same bond – but that’s expected – but she is a great dog all around. Gets just as spoiled : )

If she is with another family, like I said before – that is AWESOME! We wouldn’t try taking her back. My gf just needs peace of mind that nothing horrible happened to her is all and that she is living a happy life. But if she is at some rescue or something – which after 3 years I am sure she isn’t but you never know. Crazier things have happened right? We just want peace of mind.

Thank you



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  1. Awww I hope your friend finds her dog. I’ll share this post for you

  2. Hope you find her and atleast get some closure knowing she’s okay! ❤️

  3. She is a really pretty dog. In three years who knows what happened, maybe the people who adopted her moved and wont ever see this..


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