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Where do you buy your jeans thst fit smaller in the waist but bigger around the butt and thighs and calves?

I have yet to find a good pair of jeans for a reasonable price.

Prefer high waisted and quality that lasts longer than a couple of months.



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  1. Stacy Anhorn Stacy Anhorn says:

    Marshall’s & warehouse one

  2. Candace Owen Candace Owen says:

    Bootlegger always fits my curves.

  3. Victoria says:

    monjeloco jeans in at albert !

  4. Torrid has the best jeans ever

  5. Forever21, winners, warehouse one, bootlegger

  6. Mona Chamas Mona Chamas says:

    Seven for all mankind – WEM. They are expensive but worth the $200-$300 price tag. You get what you pay for as far as quality.

  7. Rickis has a brand called democracy …. absolutely amazing with no gap waist

  8. Torrid is amazing. They seem to have every type of fit there.

  9. Old navy Curvy line is great

  10. Sweet {Jolie} has an amazing selection for plus size jeans! They’re a little boutique in downtown

  11. I really like Old Navy jeans

  12. Cassie House Cassie House says:

    Levi’s and bootlegger curvy fits

  13. Kim Downs Kim Downs says:

    Torrid if your plus size

  14. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    Good luck. Since Long Tall Sally closed their shops in favor of on line, there is nowhere I can find jeans either. I am a size 10 but need a 36” leg.

  15. Fidelity Jean’s from My Filosophy.

  16. Fashion nova online. I was skeptical, ordered anyway and every item ive bought, fit perfect. Lots of stretch!

  17. Jessie Marie Jessie Marie says:

    Old navy! They have good sales all the time too !

  18. Susan Murphy Susan Murphy says:

    Marks work warehouse. The Mia jeans. Seriously,go try them on and you will never shop elsewhere for jeans

  19. Leslie Ann Leslie Ann says:

    Lammles they’re pricey but ive had the same pair for 5 years

  20. Lan Mewgat Lan Mewgat says:

    Marks Work Warehouse – look for the Mia line!

  21. Rianna Ross Rianna Ross says:

    Old navy has a pair made with Lycra, they are a godsend

  22. Good American, Kloe Kardashian. Expensive but so worth it. Small waist, roomy butt and thigh

  23. Arcand Dee Arcand Dee says:

    American eagle, addition elle & bootlegger. They all have extended sizes.

  24. Jody Lynn Jody Lynn says:

    I have great things about LOLA JEANS @ Sweet Boutique (st. Albert)

  25. Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

    Target. Only place I’ve ever found anything. I powerlift and massive legs and glutes and a small waist.

  26. Marks work warehouse. Warehouse one the jean store.

  27. Carmen Shaw Carmen Shaw says:

    I got some curvy jeans at Gap that were very comfortable

  28. Old navy has some great ones!

  29. penningtons?

    addition elle?

    a tent store?

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