For Those Who Don’t Understand Tipping

This is for those who think that because minimum wage went up that they don’t “need” to tip.

Minimum wage went up by only $1.40. So if you all lower your tips, even by $1.00 that means the servers will make LESS now than before.

So many people use the excuse that they shouldn’t have to tip because they don’t get tips where they work. Okay, but do you make minimum wage? Probably not. If servers made a higher wage prices of food would be higher, so suck it up and tip, it is not related to whether or not you get a tip at your better paying job (where you probably get raises, benefits, breaks, full hours, etc).

Yes there are other minimum wage jobs where people don’t get tips but most of those jobs give raises or have 8 hour shifts. Other minimum wage jobs don’t tell employees to pay other employees! Servers in most restaurants must pay the kitchen staff (and in some cases even the owners) based on what they sell. This can be 3 to 5 % of their sales (NOT related to the tip they get) so if the tip is 10%, half might go to the kitchen, this is super unfair but not the servers fault, if you don’t like it, tell the NDP to ban it, or tell the owner you disapprove.

Another feeble excuse is that other countries don’t have tipping. Actually if you check you will see that in other countries the tips are generally included in the final price listed on the menu. Usually this is 15%. So instead of adding a tip when you pay, it is built in, and even then it is expected that you round up and leave your change.


Don’t use the minimum wage increase as an excuse to be cheap. This wage increase went up to help people, don’t be ignorant and hateful, don’t hurt the people it was trying to help. Why should you tip less, the service you get didn’t get worse?



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