Found an APH card

I found an Albreta health care card on my way to work this afternoon and was hoping i could get it returned to its owner.

Name on the card is A Kelly.

It will be placed in the safe at ford road mcdonalds thank you



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  1. Any relation to R Kelly?

  2. Could just turn it in to a police station… they might know a way to find the person versus a random Facebook post that has a 1 in a couple million chance of working…

  3. Alicia Kelly Alicia Kelly says:

    Not mine thank goodness!!

  4. Kat Gariepy Kat Gariepy says:

    Take it to a registry

  5. My mom is an a. Kelly who lives in that area

  6. Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

    Take it to a registry or a police station

  7. Amanda Kelly you lose your card?

  8. Alberta health Cards are not necessary. You can visit places with just ID and still recieve medical care. It’s free to replace them at the registry. Takes a little time is all. My suggestion is throw it out and continue with your life. The police and registry would likely just throw it out. But cudos for trying to do the right thing.

  9. These cards are necessary to verify you prior to medical treatment in some cases. It was explained to me that people who visit from other countries borrow Alberta Health cards for treatment while visiting Canada. Presenting your card with an additional piece of I’d will confirm you.

  10. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    when I had to go to lab for pre-op blood work, I did have to supply my AHC card and my pic I.D.

  11. Angela Kelly…. is this you?


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