Found Cat in New Castle Area


I found this gorgeous cat in the New Castle area, which is near 127 st and 167 ave. I think its a female. She has no collar on, or a tattoo. She keeps meowing constantly, so I hope to find her owner soon since she is so stressed. My cats aren’t too happy about her being in the house as well, lol.

You will need to identify her in some way, because I dont want some crazy person who she doesn’t belong too to take her and hurt her. I attached a photo. In case you can’t really see her eyes, they are a beautiful shade of blue. If you think she may be yours, please leave a comment and I will contact you. Thank you.



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  1. Did you contact the humane society? Maybe someone is looking for their lost cat. I hope she finds her parents soon.

  2. She is so pretty I hope she finds her way home

  3. you can take this cat in to have it scanned to see if he/she has a microchip

  4. Vanna Brule Vanna Brule says:

    She looks just like my cat! She’s not, because mine is right in front me, but they could be twins!

  5. Kat Tellez Kat Tellez says:

    Best bet is to take her to the vet, and they’ll scan for a microchip

  6. Edmonton lost pets page and lost cats edmonton and area.

  7. Jill Traver Jill Traver says:

    Hey can you post on Edmonton Lost Pets,I’m sure her owner is there looking for updates.

  8. Heidi Way Heidi Way says:

    Can u pm me please
    Not sure that is our cat
    But we have similar one missing this morning

  9. I’m quite sure that this is the same cat that got out in the fall and was found the next day by it’s owners. As there are a lot of coyotes in the area would you please not let it out . Could you please hang a couple of FOUND CAT signs right close to where you found her as her owners probably will not see your post . Also, you can take her to the slbany vet for a scan, as she may have a microchip , there is no cost for a scan. If owners aren’t found please take her to animal control. If you do have someone that comes forward claiming that it’s their cat , please ask for proof of ownership , they should have pictures or a vet records at the very least they should live close to you , this proof can be obtained from a utility bill or drivers licence. Thanks for keeping it safe. If you need any other help please text me 780 222-9867. Please add her to edmonton lost pets as there are over 10,000 members, edmontons #1 pet page.

  10. hmmmm, saw a post that was looking for their cat.

  11. If you ever find a cat (or lose one) always call the Edmonton Humane Society

  12. Check amber Hart on Facebook she just posted a pic of her mission g cat. Looks the same


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