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Found an iPhone 5. Apple will not contact the IMEI holder to give them my information that I found this phone so I’m going to try this way.

If you lost your iPhone on 118th between 103rd and 105th Street and you can describe to me your iPhone and exactly where you think you lost it I’ve had it for a while because I’ve been trying to get apple or a provider to contact this person because it is locked.

I can’t even get into the screen to call contacts I would like to return your phone but I want to make sure it goes to the right person.

If there’s any specifics about the physical condition of the phone please add that or if you know your IMEI.


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  1. My daughter lost her iPhone 5s. It is white and the screen is totally shattered. It may or may not have a sparkle case on it, and if the sim is inside, it will be a Telus one.

  2. Cody Smith Cody Smith says:

    This pissed me off that Apple will not send an email to their customer, this does not break any privacy laws. They don’t do it so they can sell more phones. You may try removing the sim card and contact the carrier. I’d be interested in knowing if they would contact their customer

  3. Lauren Kerr Lauren Kerr says:

    If you take it to the apple store they will contact owner. Happened to my husband.. granted it was a year later but we don’t know if that’s how long it took for someone to turn it in.

  4. When my phone is locked and I asked Siri to call “sister” or whoever the call does go through .. so try that?

  5. Ask Siri to call mom/Dad. Chances are they have a contact by that name and it will call.

  6. Sam Meunier Sam Meunier says:

    can you contact me please? a client of mine had her phone stolen right in front of me this morning! iPhone, black otter box, may have been taken off. the police are now looking for him/the phone

  7. Awesome to still see honest people 🙂

  8. My son lost his about a month or so ago somewhere between 119avr and jasper around 103ish street how long have you had this phone??

  9. 1. If check sim and take phone to the provider.
    2. Wait till somebody calls and ask them who this phone belongs to.

  10. We found a phone recently same thing couldn’t get into it at all so I plugged it into computer and message came up right away “do you want to sync xxxx xxxxx’s iTunes to this computer? Looked up name on Facebook and reunited him and his phone

  11. You can use Siri to call numbers.
    Maybe try saying call home?

  12. Kelly Smith Kelly Smith says:

    has anyone tried calling the phone? maybe answer if u can

  13. You can also pull the SIM card, call the cell provider with the number on it, and they will contact the owner.

  14. Take it to apple and they can return to owner…

  15. Tam L Dack Tam L Dack says:

    is there a medical notification on password page? if so click it will have persons info

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