Found iPhone on the road in NW Edmonton

Found this iPhone on the road as I was getting out of my truck nead 104 Ave and 154 Street I believe it was.
(There is a crack in the top left side of screen) Looks like a rose color phone in a hard black case.

Password protected!

Please post if it’s yours and I will shoot you a message!


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5 Responses

  1. Maybe check the SIM card and it will tell you the carrier , take it to them and they can likely locate the owner

  2. The phone says it’s not hooked up… I can’t access anything. I am guessing the person already replaced their phone but we all know most phones have photos or personal stuff we can’t always replace.

    Still hoping to find the owner!

  3. Judy Shaw Judy Shaw says:

    You can check if their medical id is completed, phone can be locked but you can still see a name

  4. We found one once couldn’t get
    In but
    when plugged into computer it asked is we wanted to sync “John Doe’s” iTunes. Looked up name on Facebook and united phone with owner

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