Fraudulent Friend


I hope to get a lot of feed back on this one.

If a long life friend is using your address the last 2 years (not ok with me what so ever) for tax purposes for their husband how would you handle it? Last year I demanded it to be changed and rectified and this year again it’s happening again to my surprise. I’ve brought it to her attention, as well as her husband and this time I expected to have proof change of address has been done. She thinks she has done no wrong and I’m out of line and blocked me everywhere she can.

My question is what would you do in This situation as a whole?
I don’t think she she is being fair to our friendship and taking advantage of me.
Simply put, this is fraud and she is putting me at risk as well. I’m so not ok with this.
I received 2 more pieces of tax info for him today. 2 weeks after “they did address change”
Do I call CRA and let them know what I know? I want to do this to protect myself and my family from their fraudulent ways.

What do I do???
Any suggestions besides have better friends


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98 Responses

  1. Turn it in marked Doesnt live here on the envelope. Immediately!

  2. Many years ago when welfare cheques were mailed, my friend in the same apartment would nicely deliver it to them a few doors diwn. Months later she clued in they were defrauding welfare she called and reported them and hand delivered the cheque to sicial services after our day was done and confirmed they were using her address. It didn’t take very long, but they packed what was important and moved out in the middle of the night

  3. Stacy Cripps Stacy Cripps says:

    If she is trying to hide the fact that they live together, then it is fraud. Call

  4. Writing “Unknown – Return to Sender ” on the envelope and calling CRA and telling them what is going on should work for you.

  5. Right movrd and give it to the mail person .once cra gets it back they woll put a hold on his account until the address is sorted out

  6. So did they change their address? Its unclear

  7. call CRA and let them know. so it doesnt affect your income or return!!

  8. call CRA and let them know. so it doesnt affect your income or return!!

  9. Report them to the tax office… plain and simple

  10. Also, that person is not your friend. They suck.

  11. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    Blocked you ? I would be questioning the reality of the friendship. Give your head a shake and rattle your brains. Wake up!

  12. Dee McMaster Dee McMaster says:

    trust me write return to sender and drop at post office …….. someone used my address and i had a debt with cra for ctb to pay it all back over 3 years….. had to prove they didnt live with me ….. it was tough……..

  13. I think, rather than risk being in trouble b/c of them, I would report it. Why don’t they use their own address? Something fishy there… Put return to sender – does not live here- on the envelope and send it back is another option-I wouldn’t take any chances.

  14. Call and report it. Before it becomes too big of a deal. They are scamming the government out of money for child tax.
    I had a ex friend do this to someone and boy did they pay for it in the end. It wasnt pretty for either party involved. The sooner it is resolved the better. The cheaper the fines are.

  15. Elle Ray Elle Ray says:

    I would write “RTS: has never lived at this address” on the envelope, and drop it back into the mailbox.

  16. She could be using a different address because she is claiming as separated or divorced to get the equivalent to married exemption.

  17. Don’t just put return to sender, you don’t want to be mixed up in this or look like you are hiding him. Call CRA directly, there is a tip line.

  18. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    cross out the address and write moved on it and return to sender with an arrow pointing towards the return address … thats what I do ..and put it back on the outside of my post box where the lid is .. I stick it there so mailman knows to take with him next day ..and its fits snuggly there the wind wont blow it away

  19. Candy Ford Candy Ford says:

    Just write “return to sender. Address unknown” on it. Once CRA receives it back they will put a hold on their accounts until such time as they call in to provide an updated address

  20. Simple mark return to sender place in community mailbox problem solved.

  21. Shawna Rau Shawna Rau says:

    1. 2 weeks is usually not enough warning of a change of address.
    2. return to sender with a does not live at this address note on the envelope
    3. Report to the CRA. My experience is if they are sketchy enough to use to your, what other information are they using.

  22. Call CRA they are committing fraud you will be caught in the middle if its your address and could be held responsible and they can come after you

  23. Dijana Babic Dijana Babic says:

    Send back, Wright on it “return to sender”

  24. Putting you at risk for what exactly?? You sound dumb and assholey using your address for tax purposes hurts them not you you don’t pay their taxes because you don’t work for them your over doing it and calling revenue will only get them into trouble using your address should t hurt you butt hurt mf

    • Allison Gauthier hmm if doing the right thing make this poster “butt hurt” in your eyes .. i think you need to shake your head and find some extra brain cells. Do you think its ok to scam? (which lets face it is what is obviously happening) if the answer is yes well then your part of why this world is going to shit. Her scamming the govt cost me an you in the long run! Unless your just as scammy and doing the same thing?

    • Allison Gauthier they should be in trouble. They are trying to defraud the government.

  25. Alexii John Alexii John says:

    Return the mail with “never lived here” and call and report them

  26. Carla Schatz Carla Schatz says:

    CRA has a fraud department. Call 1800 959 8281 and ask to be transferred to the fraud department.

  27. Ashley Cragg Ashley Cragg says:

    This is going to be trouble for you down the road. Do they have kids? I assume she’s giving your address as his so she can collect more child tax? That’s the only benefit I see to using a different address for just him on taxes. Eventually they will start to wonder why if you and him share the same address why you aren’t claiming common law. Id let cra know.

  28. Put return to sender, no one living here by that name on the envelope and put it back in the mail.
    And lose that person in your life. That is not a friend.
    Sorry. They need to go.
    And if she has blocked you she just made it easier on you to cut the friendship.

  29. Carol Rivard Carol Rivard says:

    Not at this address. Return to sender.

    • as Elvis put it – Return to sender- address unknown–no such number- no such soul —seriously- I would do that and phone CRA as well – if she has blocked you, the friendship is over anyway so what’s to worry about?

  30. Return the mail as undeliverable

  31. I would send back and notify cra by the sound of it that is not your friend

  32. Put in a change of address for them or return to sender.

  33. Keri Vester Keri Vester says:

    Return to sender for sure. Its illegal to forward govn mail, which would be what you are doing. Also call cra and let them know you feel your address is being used. She ruined the friendahip not you, you are protecting yourself and family.

  34. I think I would call cra and say that you keep getting mail for a individual that does not live at your address. And let them deal with the matter from there.

  35. Write Not at this address and put the correct address on it.

  36. At end your allowing at your address so I would start dealing with it

  37. write MOved or return to sender and pop back in the mailbox

  38. Send it back to CRA saying hasn’t been at this address in 2 years

  39. If you know where she lives call CRA and report her. If she and her Husband are found frauding they will have to pay back for any taxes owed. You will not be in trouble. Why should you be. Your not the one married to her.

  40. Tara Dactyl Tara Dactyl says:

    If she blocked you then I’d report her. She’s obviously not a true friend anyway.

  41. Mary Maria Mary Maria says:

    Tell cra youve been getting mail for 2 years for someone who doesnt live at your home. Id do it Before you get audited. You could potentially pay in 2 years of any benefits you receive. If you get child tsx etc, theyll lock your payment and keep it until the 2 year debt is paid back. Tell them now because the person Will lie on you to save their ass. Its fraud. Maybe even wire-money laundering. Its a list of serious offenses.

  42. I’d be calling CRA and advising them that this has been going on as long as it has. Explain that you tell them every year to change it

  43. Mark anything return to sender. No longer occupant.

  44. Do as suggested above. When a piece of government mail gets returned they actually will freeze someone’s payments for gst and benefits if they receive them until the address is updated.

  45. Well 2 options. Protect you and your family or protect her…. not hard to choose…

  46. Most people do not realize CRA does NOT update your address when you do your taxes. You actually have to call them or go online to change it.

  47. Write on the mail, return to sender, leave on top of your mail box mail man takes it away. You have to write it on all mail or it will keep comin.

  48. Put “Return to Sender” on the envelope and put black lines through the address. Then you can (depending on the type of mailbox you have) leave it in the box (where the mail person can see the “RTS/Return to Sender”) or if you have a community box, just drop it in the mail slot. You might have to do this a couple of times, but hopefully it stops

  49. Arcand Dee Arcand Dee says:

    Call cra, tell them they dont live there and return the mail. It’ll automatically stop the mail from being sent again and it’ll place a change of address notice on their files.

  50. Write RTS on the mail and dump it back in a mail box.

  51. Report it to the CRA directly


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