Fraudulent Violation Fines

Watch your emails. The email traffic violations etc are in full force! I have received 3 in the last 2 days. Report them to the Canada wide anti fraud. 1-888-495-8501 or
They want all information that’s on the email. The date of email, name and email address of the sender. Subject line of email. Reason for fine. All of mine are negligent driving. Amount of said fine. When they want it paid by. Infringement number if there is one.

And they want the email address you received it at. 2 out of 3 emails I got has a infringement #. DO NOT click on the link the fraudster provides which says to click to “trace” it.
2 of the emails had been sent to me and 2 other email address I don’t know. Spread the word is what the Canadian anti fraud place said!



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  1. Katie Thomson didn’t you say something like this?

  2. I got one too, said it was for a parking ticket in Toronto. Funny since I’ve not left Alberta since I was 14 and have never even been to Ontario rofl.

  3. Or this new scam!!! DO NOT OPEN IT!

  4. Brandon Hogg Brandon Hogg says:

    I haven’t gotten one. Now. I have a question for all posting so far. Are you all registered to receive emails from the registry (ie registration renewals etc?) I am wondering if that mailing list got compromised? (i havent registered my email with them yey)

  5. I have gotten a few i just delete without opening

  6. I got one of these, deleted it.

  7. I’ve gotten two I just ignore

  8. I got 5 of these in my junk folder! What the actual

  9. I got one about my BMO account. And I don’t have one. Should I have reported it?

  10. I have one and kept it, I will forward it! Thank you.

  11. omg they made up a new way to scam us, I barely answer the phone anymore due to phone scammers now another e-mail one I have to look out for along with the rest, It’s frustrating 🙁

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