Free Thrift Store needs your help

We are having our grand opening for the ❤️❤️HEARTS (Helping Everyone Access Resources Through Support) Free Thrift Store❤️❤️ located at 16151-142st on Saturday Dec 16 . We have some events planned
Hoping for some type of media coverage . Store will be open for any radio or TV personelle. Hoping someone will come and film what the store looks like, all the different items available, and what store stands for in the community.
Store opens at 11 AM for families
12 pm Santa will be on hand to take photos with the children(still looking for a volunteer to dress up as Santa or Someone Who plays Santa to step forward.
1230 Superheroes-Harvey Quinn, Spider-Man, and Starlord will be at the store
230 pm Misty will be at the store doing face painting for the kids.
During this time families are free to shop. We are also selling tickets towards a Walmart gift card for a $1 each. We will be having a bake sale. We will also be having a raffle on multiple items. The raffle will run for one week I will post it online on the Campaign page if people are interested they can purchase tickets at the store as well as via email transfers. The draws will take place on December 22 and will be posted on the campaign page. We are requesting that everybody that comes into the store please bring a couple nonperishable food items. We will use these items to include in the Christmas hampers. We are desperately in need of soups and canned vegetables.

Please share this post with all your friends and Family and help make our grand opening a very successful event. Also again please, please write to your MLAs And city Council let them know that a free thrift store is desperately needed as a permanent resource for the city of Edmonton and it’s outlying communities 😊🙏❤️❤️



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  1. Have you created an online or social media presence to get more exposure? I did a search and found nothing.

    FB and Twitter are free as well as several other platforms. Its also a good way to contact media and MLAs, the Mayor etc.

    If you have these include them ( Links to everything) in your post as well as contact information… to SHARE. People might have inquiries or questions!


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