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Friendly Reminder for Araina Grande Concert

Hey everyone. For anyone heading out to the Ariana Grande concert at Roger’s Place this Thursday there’s a clear bag only rule in effect. If you’re bringing anything like wallet etc it has to be in a see through bag. Roger’s Place staff as well as Ariana’s own security team will be enforcing this.

So if by chance you show up with a purse or backpack that isn’t see through it will not be permitted into the venue. Just a friendly reminder. I’m not sure if it’s on your tickets. Sometimes people forget.



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  1. The need for this reminder, or her need to demand this due to another’s actions is truly sad. The fact that anyone is upset about pointing out the who/why is sad too. Why is it necessary to pretend that this was brought about by a horrifying attack on completely innocent/unsuspecting victims by a very specific group? Why should people be shamed for mentioning this when others are wondering why?
    Not everyone remembers…..I forgot until this post.

  2. Lara Cronin Lara Cronin says:

    Will there be dick bicycles?

  3. Really? The fuck is this?

  4. Lorena Hagen Lorena Hagen says:

    Sheryl Ingram-Beaudin

  5. Oaklyn in a long pony tail

  6. Kelsey Dewan Kelsey Dewan says:

    Rylee Haggerty well I’m assuming you’re not bringing oak to Arianna lol???

  7. Kelsey Dewan lets be real I haven’t carried a purse since I switched to diaper bags hahaha fml

  8. Angela Reum Angela Reum says:

    I got this for the concert

  9. Are you going with b Kimberly Ann?

  10. Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

    I mean I get it. Dont want another Manchester

  11. Do u have to carry your cell phobe in a clear bag? Doesnt really say

  12. My daughters are going and they found the information about the clear bags online. Ordered one through amazon for $8.

  13. I seen clear bags at ardene recently in case anyone is unsure where to get them

  14. Who would pay money to go see this dumb cunt anyway. Voice sounds like nails down a chalk board.

  15. She has PTSD from the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing.

  16. On the Ticketmaster site

  17. People actually pay to listen to Ariana Grande? Wow….

    • Thomas Glover she’s an awesome singer with an awesome voice!
      What you gotta be a negative Nancy for? Lol

    • Ian Young Ian Young says:

      Donna Whitford And a great person, after that horrid bombing, she had the strength to perform another concert and donate the money to victims and survivors, wonder what Thomas Glover has done(besides state useless posts) what a horrid life he must have

  18. Gerber did you know this?

  19. I’ve never heard this before. Is it all concerts?

  20. Mike Bunch just a heads up for whomever is taking the girls on Thursday

  21. Sounds like its gonna be a shit show to get in to this concert. Think of all the idiots who wont do this and then argue for 20 minutes when denied entry. Lol get there early would be my friendly reminder……

  22. This was supposed to be a friendly reminder. How did this even become about Islamist extremists? Oi!!!!

  23. Kelsey Wells Kelsey Wells says:

    Yeah cause I’m so sure all 10,000 ladies have a clear purse…. break out those zip locks lmfao….. what a joke! Glad I don’t listen to shit music

  24. What security measures will they take if an inside job ever occurs..

  25. Diversity is our strength,lol

  26. Thnx Islamist extremists

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