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Why do people who say they love you and care about you ignore you when you are struggling.

I am always there for anyone who needs me, is struggling or whatever. I will call or go see them. I care about the people in my life.

But when I am struggling, they ignore me. I feel so alone and so hurt by people that are supposed to be my friends.

Sure people will say they are busy but I see you on Facebook. But you can’t spare 5 minutes to check on a friend.

I don’t get it. It’s so hurtful.



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  1. Most people are selfish and full of shit. They post crap on Facebook telling you to phone a number if you are suicidal, but if you tell them you are not doing well mentally they ditch you like a hot potato and call you “negative energy”. Very few people are empathetic to the needs of others and only think of themselves.

  2. Ginny Wiebe Ginny Wiebe says:

    Do they know you are struggling? Life does get busy and if people don’t know better, they can’t do better. Sometimes it does have to be up to you to reach out for support.

  3. Not all people. Sorry to disagree. I have a friend who is struggling. I no longer offer support or advice. Nothing changes. It doesn’t mean I don’t care. It does mean I get emotionally drained just for the cycle to re-start. Once, twice is enough, but this goes beyond. If someone reaches out to help, be respectful and make changes within your power. It hurts my heart deeply to see the problems and choose not to get involved.

  4. A lot of people just don’t know how to react. Facebook is easy, but when it come to face to face, some are self-conscience about showing how they feel. It’s not right, but it happens 🙁

    • I don’t think that’s an excuse! They can learn. Google it if you have to! Take classes.. ask how to reply.. no excuses. If you care, you’ll do anything at all to show it… including helping yourself to know how to reply. And yes, it is YOUR job to do so.. otherwise you aren’t a very good support and shouldnt be looked to……………

    • We help others by helping ourselves.

  5. Carol Maser Carol Maser says:

    I understand how you feel. I usually just withdraw then & tell myself that I Don’t care then either. I Don’t try to connect a 2nd time. I do have one friend who hasn’t been a friend very long but she asked me over for Christmas dinner!! SO I hope you have at least that one friend & probably someone you wouldn’t expect to be there for you. I wish you a Merry Happy Christmas & that person will be there for you!!

  6. Amy Evenson Amy Evenson says:

    Because unless you actually say “I need help” people don’t truly know. And don’t want to interfere unless it is asked for.

  7. It’s beyond me. Maybe some day one of us will find an answer..

  8. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    there are 3 ways at xmas time for me .. the happy families .. the ok families and the sad families … and I have been to all 3 in my life time and when its the sad time its hard especially when you have children as they don’t understand the financial burden that you just don’t have the money when dad is sick in hospital with brain tumors … but I did the best I could and we all smiled xmas day …new to Edmonton .. did not know anyone .. so had no one to really call upon ..

  9. Trish Down Trish Down says:

    Unfortunately, having been there a few times myself, I think a lot of people fear that hard times are contagious.

  10. Beats me. I’ve been waiting for an answer for too long. ✌


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