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Frustrated enough to do wrong thing?

Have you ever been frustrated enough to do something that may be wrong?

Without too many details, I was given a pretty bad diagnosis. I have not told most people about it because I need to process it with my family.

Trying to figure out next steps, helping my spouse and children cope with things has been very hard.

I have told my parents and I trusted them. But they have now told everyone they come across. From neighbors to co-workers to people on the bus. Strangers call my home middle of the night with advice.

Today feels like last straw. My father told someone who called my home with advice. This turns out to be a nurse in dynacare lab and she looked up my information and called me. I am beyond frustrated. As medical professional, she had no right to do this. My father said I won’t mind? She should know better than assume that is true. Her advice was how to proceed with surgery, which is one I had 6 years ago. She was giving me some statistics and alternatives as not many survive it. She was shocked when I said I don’t appreciate the call. My father gave her permission to call, but I didn’t. And I am 35 so she had no right to find my info. And the surgery she is advising about, I already did. This is organ failure because that surgery did work but was temporary fix.

I want to call the lab and report her for going into my information. I feel bad if she lost the job. But shouldn’t she think of that?
I know it is coming from a good place, she is 20th person to call. But I am having a hard time. I believe somehow I will survive the impossible. To have these people call and I get to hear that no, likely I will not make it – that makes me lose any hope I have. Plus I have children who I have to reassure that I will fight and fight, it is hard on them to hear there is no hope.

In this tough time post covid, I don’t want to damage someone’s job. But I am frustrated that she just went into my medical info.



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  1. Shar says:

    I get it. Looking up someone’s info is bad. But on this one, I’d bite your tongue. In the end, it was your dads fault. And the nurse was just trying to help you. If you get her fired, she’s not going to help anyone else who may actually appreciate the effort. If you hadn’t have had this surgery, you may be actually thanking her. Good luck.

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