Frustrated Parent needing a break follow up.

Thanks everyone for the helpful suggestions.

I do have a social anxiety which makes it difficult to eat people but I do try all the time. Just haven’t made solid connections.

I do have family. But choose NOT to ask them for a reason. The abuse I had growing up. Physical, mental and sexual. I am certainly not sending my child there. And my siblings have disowned me also because I choose to live a more simple life than a “keeping up with the Jones’ attitude”.

My in laws live in another province. So that isn’t too helpful. But have even said that they will not babysit (I don’t know if they are joking or serious..but not my place to push the issue.)

My husband is more than willing to help out. However he’s working. He has a job that he’d rather not loose. It’s a great job. By the time he commutes home from the city our toddlers bedtime routine starts immediately after we have supper. But by the time he ACTUALLY goes to sleep is about 10 pm. (He wakes at 7)


And to all you other rude people out there. I have 3 children. 2 of which are nearly grown. They are well mannered, well behaved boys who I raised ON MY OWN! I was not NOR will I ever be a ‘helicopter’ parent. I believe in the outdoors, bikes, sticks and mud and boys being boys. However meeting the love of my life and having this son my life changed. I did not predict having an auto immune disorder and chronic fatigue that shuts my body down. I use every ounce of my energy to parent that child and keep a home for my family!

And I work damn hard to do so. I know what I got myself in for. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I do go for bike rides and walks. With our toddler. Music in the ears is a wonderful at times. I DO NOT EXPECT my family or his family to be at my ‘Beck and call’. I was referring to the ‘want’ of them to be there. Like some said…the days of it takes a village to raise a child. An occasional day to breathe is NOT being a princess or whiner or whatever else you want to call me. I’m a kickass mom and I know it!! And I will be an amazing grandparent when my boys decide to have children. I will help in every way I can. And that is my choice to do so…because I WANT TO.



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  1. Kayla Lee Kayla Lee says:

    I also have issues eating people.

  2. not a cannibal can’t relate

  3. I’m pretty much in the same boat….I hear you 100%. When I read everyone’s initial response, my heart broke for you. People on the internet can be ruthless. That’s what comes with posting, you’re going to hear the opinions from all walks of life.

    But ya, seriously check out Treehouse’s friday night date night. Pretty sure other places do it too.

    Good luck ☺

  4. Why can’t your nearly grown children watch your toddler for a night?

    • Maybe they work? I don’t expect my 15 or 17 year old to watch their younger siblings for less than they get paid at their regular jobs. In the previous post she mentioned the cost of childcare= makes it difficult. I dunno.

    • You are not owed an explanation Christina.

    • Did I say that I was owed an explanation? It is simply a logical resolution to her problem unless there are other unknown factors. Is it better to just jump on the “Oh poor you” wagon instead of offering solutions?

  5. Kole Dupe Kole Dupe says:

    Yeah I bet it’s difficult to eat people

  6. Bobby Sam Bobby Sam says:

    You are a good mom to all of your kids – even good moms just need a break. Don’t let the negative Nellies that responded here cloud that for you. Just keep trying to reach out and forge healthy relationships that may enable you to create opportunities not only for yourself but for other parents that you may be able to assist. good luck and keep us posted.

  7. Don’t eat people!

  8. I find it difficule to eat people too…..

  9. Awe, Sweetie, I’m sorry you are having a hard time. Hang in there. It will get better. Just doesn’t seem like it right now. If I knew who you were I would watch your kids so you go do anything you want. I hope the comments on your post put a small smile on your face today.

  10. Beth Clarke Beth Clarke says:

    I don’t think you owe anyone an explanation. People will think they have the right to make nasty comments especially if things are posted in a public forum all the time. It sucks feeling judged bit you know what you’ve worked for.

    Just curious if you’ve considered if you can boing a fb mommy group where you can share bbsitting with other parents for an hour here or there to give yourself some time without worrying about money. A lot of people are in a monetary bind nowadays but parents all understand the need for that time away.

  11. Some people are so nasty I think we feel we owe an explanation these days. I miss the old days when more people were kind.

  12. Ashley Cragg Ashley Cragg says:

    Being a mom can be tough and sometimes you need a break. Treehouse and mygym both do parents night out nights. And it would probably be beneficial to start interviewing for a good reliable sitter you can use when you really need a break. Not everyone has family that can or want to help out.

  13. I’m sorry you feel the need to justify needing a break sometimes. Some people are so quick to judge.

    Being a parent is hard, wanting a little bit of time to yourself is healthy and normal. Don’t feel bad about that.

  14. Meeting ppl is hard sometimes Just try to think positive take it slow ; reach out as much as you feel comfortable with at the time. try not to block out your family, I am sure your family would love to see them even if it is just for a short visit once and a while. as for your siblings disowning you (like my little brother did to me over 10 years ago) We talked all the child hood stuff out and are now talking. 🙂 Get the old stuff out and start over. you will feel better in the end I am sure take care.

  15. Lmfao Edmonton zombie


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