Furnaces after AISH denial

I need ideas on what to do next. I have a furnace that is about to die. I noticed loud noise about 3 months ago and had it assessed. ATCO said it was about to give up. And emitting some carbon monoxide. Some not much yet. So I contacted AISH as I am on disability. I was told I need a house title, quote and some verification of the problem and they cover it.
I got 3 companies to submit quotes plus state the furnace is 40 years old, dangerous to keep on and unable to repair so only replacement required. I even had a medical letter verifying increase in headaches for me and my children due to possible Carbon monoxide.
After a month, AISH declined my request saying that furnace is not a need. Also apply for an equity loan.
I have appealed that. It should be considered a need. I also sent applications for equity loan showing declined because I
have no income and no way to pay that loan.
So that appeal took 45 days. Now I get a response saying same thing, apply for equity loan and it is not a need.
I don’t know what to do. I receive $1588 (plus $200 – 2 kids). I pay $1500 for mortgage/utilities.
By end of the month I have $288 which goes towards groceries, school fees and so on. Basics. With some help from food bank, I manage ok. I do get child tax which goes into property taxes since I get items for my children monthly. I don’t have almost $10,000 to put down for a furnace. I consider it a basic need. There are extras since the house has no functioning detectors and some pipes have to be upgraded hence higher amount. Any company I tried will not do financing because I don’t have any income to pay it back. I can’t get equity loans or line of credit. I have one credit card that has $250 credit for emergencies.
I am told I can do one more appeal that will take 3-4 months but I had to turn off the furnace and using heaters in my kids rooms.
I reached out to an MLA who keeps saying find an income source or friend. I have a severe physical disability. I do make ends meet but it is tight. I can’t work at all as I am 90% bed bound and my only relative passed away recently.
Is there any way to appeal that decision faster as it is cold out and I am worried about the heat.
I don’t need rude comments. I do try to budget well and I try to save – I took 3 years to save to fix the roof. So I am just out of savings and this came up suddenly.
To add – one company does SNAP payment plan but they don’t do these specific piping.



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  1. karen says:

    did you get a furnace


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