FYI: Christmas is Over

Just a reminder that Christmas was 44 days ago, lights can come down anytime.



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  1. If businesses can advertise Christmas gift giving for three months why can’t i enjoy my lights for three months?

  2. Outdoor displays don’t come down as quickly because of our weather. If you’re good out there in the cold good for you!

  3. Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

    In other countries they are called “faerie lights”.
    Think of them that way and breathe out your annoyance.
    Most of them are LED these days and aren’t wasting much electricity, so it’s not a social problem. It’s a personal choice.

  4. Mj Mank Mj Mank says:

    Ahjus sayin this was a good troll?

  5. Ours are still on the timer in the backyard lol

  6. I find it kind of nice to see the lights still. They are just lights!

  7. Some people need to get lives and mind their business. That’s the problem now in days, everyone get butt hurt over shit too fast. Sensitive idiots and putting their nose where it don’t belong

  8. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    The only issues I can see with leaving lights up all year round is it that exposure to the elements sometimes can cause the plastic protective coverings over wires to prematurely erode and consequently can become safety hazard. If it just get plugged in again without inspection there could be a fire issue. The other issue is if they are left up for a prolonged period of time a person may have additional expenses replacing them more often than if they were taken down after the festive season.

  9. Rowena Eger Rowena Eger says:

    Why so angry? Oh yeah,my lights are still up,however we stopped turning them on back on Jan 07,apparently that is way too early,I am off to plug them in now!!

  10. I love the lights. I wish I could keep my tree up all year just to wake up and turn it on. Why does it even bother you?!

  11. This sounds like my neighbor. She complains about everything. Lol

  12. You do know the city of Edmonton actually encourages people to keep their lights up and on all winter right?

  13. care to take mine down in the cold weather? if do have at er, if not shut the hell up lol

  14. Jeff Holden Jeff Holden says:

    Who in the blue hell are you to tell anyone when to take their lights down?

  15. they look nice it is their yard mind your own business

  16. The bill, you don’t you don’t have a say!

  17. If you don’t pay the bill…you don’t have a say…

  18. Dustin Grant Dustin Grant says:

    What a fucking grump… Smile you miserable bitch.

  19. Stucky Betty Stucky Betty says:

    Lights, we waiting until it gets warmer to also bring Santa and the reindeers in…lol

  20. Mind your own business.m! Geeez

  21. Darla Rae Miller they sure do. And makes it eaiser to see them in the morning.. Its pretty dark in the country lol

  22. Right! They look so tacky

  23. Michelle Lovin Bet the kids love them!

  24. Maybe their Not Christmas, mine are winter lights and I luv them. Happy Winter

  25. Wow this is what pisses you off???? Talk about 1st world problems!!!!!

  26. Claire Halliday you are my kind of people, girl

  27. Fuck that I love Christmas anything to keep the merriment joy love of the season around my tree stays TIL March goes up first fall of snow ❄️

  28. It’s -30 to -40. Mind yourself.

  29. Claire Halliday lol Karen. Good one haha

  30. Your not a jolly good fella

  31. Lisa Fedirko Lisa Fedirko says:

    I leave mine up all year round. For fifteen years now thanks.

  32. I like seeing the lights even after Christmas, they’re beautiful!

  33. Just a reminder – mind your own f*&^ing business. Is somebody having their lights/decorations hurting you, your family or anybody else? NO.

  34. Teresa Lynn Teresa Lynn says:

    I will gladly set the ladder up for you to remove my lights and PS if you break the clips you will replace them since you feel its necessary to have the lights down within YOUR specified time period!!

  35. Unless u pay the power bill want to go out in – fucken cold what does it matter ? I’m confused. If it bothers u go take them down

  36. I hate when people leave their lights up. It just screams I’m lazy AF.

  37. I’ll leave my lights up cause it’s super cold out right now. And I’ll turn them on because 1, they’re pretty and 2, because I want to enjoy them for more than 1 month after putting all the hard work in to set them up.

  38. Mj Mank Mj Mank says:

    Just a reminder to “live and let live”and to mind your own business

  39. People leave em up all year. Some keep them lit all year and it’s their prerogative…

  40. This post makes me want to go find lights to put up! OP get a hobby that doesn’t include bitching about the simple pleasures in life! Kids like the lights. Eat a Snickers you sound hangry!

  41. tell fb several christmas posts and adds

  42. The nights are long and dark, I love the extra light they give off in our neighborhood.

  43. I wish people cared as much about issues such as child poverty or homelessness as they do about shit that doesn’t affect them at all

  44. Rain S Worth Rain S Worth says:

    What about my Halloween decorations?

  45. Leigh Mack Leigh Mack says:

    I wish this was my biggest worry. Sigh.

  46. Christmas??I’m already putting out my Halloween decorations lol

  47. Not your problem. Some people like keeping them up. They are pretty

  48. In my neighborhood people have reduced the amount of light strings that are on and I must say I quite like seeing a bit of color on a long dark night. Also we keep out lights up all year long so come Christmas we just have to flip a switch.

  49. most people are probably still on vacation. chill.

  50. M Lissa Sch M Lissa Sch says:

    Fuck that, who wants to take them down in bone chilling weather?! And all this snow and ice? No thanks lol. I don’t see the problem with leaving them up year round and only turning them on for December. Ain’t hurting you, quit worrying about it.

  51. Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

    If its ok for people to decorate or Christmas waaay before then why not leave them waaay pass Christmas.

  52. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    OMG End of the world… how dare someone leave their lights up. Someone needs to get a life.

  53. Nadia Frank Nadia Frank says:

    I still have my 6 trees up #dealwithit

  54. Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

    Chinese New Year was just the other day. Maybe they are still in celebration mode??

  55. Lois Sunley Lois Sunley says:

    unless you are paying their power bill you have no right to say anything I love seeing the lights

  56. Like many people, I enjoy seeing Christmas lights up past the actual holidays. They somehow make it more bearable to be out and around in -30 in the dark.

  57. Grinch. So many crappy things happening these days and you have to bitch about lights? I like them, they brighten up the dark evenings.

  58. Chris Cooke Chris Cooke says:

    I vote post like this have to show there name, at least first name.

  59. Chris Cooke Chris Cooke says:

    Why you hating, ukranian christmad was not that long ago n Chinese new year just happened, you dont like it hang yourself with a set of outdoor lights and you never have to see them again

  60. Why would I want to take them down every year and then only have to put them back up? We only turn them on at Christmas and a month or so before. What does it even matter to you????

  61. Mind yo own muthafuckin business bitch

  62. Lindsay Eve Lindsay Eve says:

    Claire Halliday HAHA yesssss

  63. I’m all for the lights. I actually wish more people left them up all year around. What’s wrong with a little joy?

  64. Nata Corte Nata Corte says:

    Sounds like white people are fighting

  65. We leave a string up along the side of our house all year, at least till spring. Two reasons 1. It lights the pathway to our back door, keeping it safe for us. They’re LED, so the cost is really minimal.
    2. It’s super cold and icy out – I’m certainly not getting up on a ladder or asking my husband to do so while it’s this cold and dangerous to be doing so. I’d prefer to have us both safe and alive than worry about what someone has to say about there being a string of white lights up.

  66. My tiny tree in the front yard has lights on it, and I turn them on. They arent Christmas lights, they’re WINTER lights and if you dont like it… well that’s not my problem.

  67. We leave ours up all year (we rent) just turn them on at Christmas time. To take them down we have to borrow a ladder.

  68. FYI: ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Those who love Christmas look at it as Christmas is coming, not over. I bet you look at lots of petty ways to try to suck the joy out of other people’s live “anonymously”.

  69. Terah Abel Terah Abel says:

    People are dying. Who cares about lights. They look nice anyways

  70. Amanda Smith Amanda Smith says:

    Claire Halliday good response! Lol you rock those lights! Who says they’re only pretty at Christmas time?? Obviously this Karen!

  71. Jay Mannbush Jay Mannbush says:

    oh my god, could you image taking the time to write this out anonymously on facebook? this is so stupid, who cares.
    I wish christmas lights were around all year, it makes the neighborhood more cozy

  72. This is none of your business. Go tend your stuff.

  73. This post makes me want to wad up all the outdoor lights I can find and hang them out and turn them on every night! Seriously, what kind of intelligence does it take to even give a rats ass if someone has Christmas lights on their house or not?!? Time to find a hobby.

  74. Amanda Colp Amanda Colp says:

    Just a reminder. Not ur danm problem or business….. what’s the problem. Not u paying the power bill and my daughter loves seeing them…

  75. I enjoy the lights left up to brighten these dark winter days.

  76. They don’t have to come down, but they sure need to be shut off.

  77. Or hey just don’t turn them on.

  78. FYI: Keep your nose in your own business.

  79. Maybe some people enjoy the lights scrooge

  80. Why do you care? What is it to you?

  81. Door Ouellet Door Ouellet says:

    It’s gives light to the early darkness. I personally like them.

  82. JJ Young JJ Young says:

    -30°c and you’re expecting people to take down their Christmas lights.

  83. Lol man I hate to agree but.. I live by someone who goes all out and is the Christmas house of the area. I tolerate the bright lights beaming through the curtains at Christmas because, well Christmas…

    But is February now… please take them down so I don’t have to be blinded when I look outside anymore pleaaaaaaseeeeee

  84. Just a reminder, it’s -20C outside. If you want to come take my lights down please do

  85. Many people keep them up for Chinese New Years

  86. They’re not hurting you. What’s the problem? Who cares if somebody still has up their Christmas lights.

  87. Lisa Fedyck Lisa Fedyck says:

    Lights dont bother me, its seeing christmas trees still. But to each their own

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