Gas prices…

Is it just me or do gas stations around the city inflate their prices in the mornings and then drop them back down in the afternoon??? I swear the gas station on 97th street and 118 ave is in the 0.90’s in the AM and then 0.86 on my way home from work … every day recently!



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  1. Katie Gould Katie Gould says:

    The Huskey by my house does this, currently sitting at 93.9…. whereas other gas stations within 2km are currently at either 85.9 or 86.9

  2. They get the gas prices everyday at about 6-7am. Some put the 3cent saving on the sign some have only those prices at the pump.

  3. Adam Dee Adam Dee says:

    Gas prices are the biggest swindle on earth. Imagine the price of something simple like bread fluctuating the way fuel does and you’ll see what I mean.

  4. Laura Meidl Laura Meidl says:

    Definitely fluctuate like crazy throughout the day
    The Gasbuddy app can help a bit. If you have to fill in the am, at least you can try find a cheaper place if you’ve the flexibility and time to go elsewhere.

  5. Graham Frost Graham Frost says:

    Umm yes lol that’s exactly what gas stations do.

  6. I noticed that today too!

  7. Paul Morris Paul Morris says:

    Don’t gas up on the main drag. 711 is notorious for having differant prices at the same time.

  8. Yes, this is happening everywhere. In Spruce it’s like they all get together and say ok today we all raise at the same time. Then drop later. Tempo and Costco.


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