Get a babysitter!

Had a date night tonight (Saturday) with the spouse and headed to the North Edmonton Cineplex to watch the long awaited Bohemian Rhapsody movie. We chose a later movie – 7:20pm and you would think that would be “adult time” and all small children would be left at home.

Nope…and this isn’t the first movie this has happened at. I don’t understand why people think it’s appropriate to bring a small child (baby, toddler) to any movie that isn’t a family movie. It’s not up to the movie theatre to say no, because technically, kids can come into these movies. But you would think that these parents would need a night out too!

Get a babysitter! If you can’t get a babysitter, go to a matinee showtime, go to one of the times the theatres offer specifically for parents with small kids…or just don’t go when everyone else is trying to have a nice night out.

I don’t need to hear in the middle of a movie, kids whining or crying. Before you plan out your night and think that your child is going to be an angel for 2.5 hours, ask yourself, “Are they really going to be quiet for that long? Am I going to spoil anyone else’s night if my kid talks throughout the whole movie?”

And thinking about the child, sometimes movies are loud enough on an adults ears. Do these little ears need to be subjected to loud sounds for a long period of time? Did you think about that?


Yes, I could have gotten out of my seat to talk to staff and complain, but why do I have to miss parts of the movie that I’ve paid for because of your interruptions?

Where is the common sense? Where is the responsibility and consideration for your fellow humans? Growing up, I had babysitters and then when I was old enough, I babysat. People had no issues using a babysitter for a night out.

Next time you plan on bringing your baby/toddler to a more adult focused movie, think about it and realize that you may be spoiling someone else’s evening.



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