Get Off Your Phone!

I was driving to work this morning (saturday, july 8th, 9:30am north edmonton) and sitting at a red light in a double left turning lane. I looked to my left and noticed this young girl texting in her car and then I saw 2 people waiting at the light to cross in a marked crosswalk.

The light turns green and I obviously wait for these people to cross the street but this girl was so busy on her phone she wasn’t stopping. I honked my horn to get her attention to stop and she slammed on her brakes.

She’s lucky I did that or these 2 pedestrians would’ve been hit. Both me and the pedestrians started yelling at this girl and I told her “get the f@$k off your phone , you almost seriously injured 2 people” she looked scared and obviously embarrassed.

Glad I was there at that time and I hope she learned her lesson. Let this be a reminder to all to please stop texting and driving!



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  1. Chris Rutar Chris Rutar says:

    No the bitch will be on the phone again

  2. I have this happen a lot. It’s dangerous for pedestrians and motorcycles these days.

  3. Annette Wood Annette Wood says:

    I see that All The Time

  4. It would be good to take number of her car plate

  5. Rick Murch Rick Murch says:

    The light turned green and the pedestrians were still crossing? Hang the girl texting. But also the pedestrians

    • You might want to reread the post. The cars were waiting to turn, the pedestrians were waiting to cross. All of them needed the same green light to do this. The pedestrians were not in the wrong here.

  6. Ruth Beter Ruth Beter says:

    you know all the confrontation in the world isn’t going to make them stop, banning all cell phones while driving or making you put the cell in your trunk away from your eyes might make a difference.

  7. Alison Boddy Alison Boddy says:

    Nothing new…….wish people would stop being so selfish because that’s what being on your cell while driving (whether texting or talking) is. I see it daily.

  8. I was in a residential area, and walked between two parked cars and while yes I always look both ways.. there was a girl texting constantly. My only thought was.. what if this had been a child that got excited to go the park and ran across the road?

  9. i doubt she learned her lesson but i’m glad you were there. thank you for doing the right thing and grabbin her attention

  10. Good Job, sir. 😎 I think everyone has had a close call by this date. People like you make a difference. As a pedestrian I think we are all extra careful. Good Job.

  11. She didn’t learn her lesson. She was embarrassed someone caught her. She will do drive distracted again and again

  12. If intelligence was required for procreation the human race would have died out 500 years ago


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