Check This Out – Enough with the Negative Christmas Posts; Get Socked, and Sock Others!

There have been so many negative posts about Christmas lately. People who unfortunately can’t afford enough for their children. People who want to help but can’t. And also- a lot of people complaining about those people.

I think the Christmas spirit is wonderful and alive in Edmonton. This was something I received on my door stop yesterday. I refilled it AND bought another stocking to “sock” 2 people. Nothing we received in it was very valuable monetary wise. It cost me about $20 to full two stockings full of goodies at the dollar store. But it made my day!

If everyone reading this did it for another family – how incredible would that be! Happy holidays!

sock stocking



9 Responses

  1. This is awesome! Might have to hit a Dollarama today!

  2. This is such a great idea!

  3. I have to say that this year I’m seeing a lot of Christmas Spirit with the financial Status of this province!

  4. Kym Noyb Kym Noyb says:

    I told my children I wanted nothing for Christmas except to make sure they had enough. I however did decide to treat myself and decided to make little treat bags for all the places I deliver to for Santa’s anonymous this year. I got the idea from last year when we dropped a delivery off and a few kids crowded around my then 14 year old son who was dressed as Santa (his idea) and we didn’t have treats at least to give them. So I am making lots of bags just in case. And if there is any left overs… I’m sure I can drop them off somewhere. Dollarama is the best for small goodies

  5. Hope Baalam Hope Baalam says:

    thats wonderful i do luv christmas and the spirit of giving my wonderful grandchildren my family

  6. Annette Wood Annette Wood says:

    I have 5 old purses I’m filling with stuff from dollar store and Saturday handing them out to ladies that need them

  7. I started this at work. It only made it through three people before it stopped moving 🙁


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