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Getting a bigger dog

This post may seem a little odd. If I’m being honest I’m a high anxiety person… a person with MANY emotions.

I currently have a small dog and due to interesting circumstances I am about to adopt a 3 legged dog that I fostered previously that is much bigger. My current dog is a non shedding dog and after fostering bigger dogs I just felt I was a small dog person as they were easier to manage.

Like I said… interesting circumstances! The dog I once fostered recently got hit by a vehicle and now is missing a leg. I have a deep connection with this animal and really want to take it on!

How do you maintain allergies? Have you had the shot and found you have had great results? How do you manage the dog hair? Do you just get used to it where it doesn’t bother you much?

Would love some positive encouragement as my emotions are up and down! I think any type of change is hard on anybody and I take owning an animal incredibly serious. Moment that dog walks through that front door it’s a forever thing ❤️



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Not knowing the breed u’re about to have return to ur home & not having personal experience with allergies, I’ve heard that keeping a clean animal is half the battle; Meaning regular bathing with gentle products & lots of vacuuming & of course brushing or vacuuming of them, if they’ll let u lol Mine loves it lol the other one, heads for the hills lol And of course, a clean environment. The less fabric stuff u have around, the better. like a vinyl or leather couch & washing throw pillows often. Basically, just consider the vacuum & dust swiper, ur new best friends. 🙂 Good luck & blessings to u & ur expanding family. 🙂

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