Good Samaritan Helps Senior in Car Accident

Just when life seems so depressing with the influx of bad news , our family was blessed with an incredible act of kindness. We are greatly indebted to “J”, an amazing young man who witnessed the car accident that involved our dad. Being a senior, with hearing loss and without access to a cell phone, the situation would have been extremely overwhelming had it not been for “J’s” generous time supporting our dad. “J” unselfishly assisted Dad with the exchange of information, called a tow truck, brought him to the police station to assist him with filing an accident report, took pictures and then brought Dad to a car rental to assist in the rental. Just the paperwork alone, is intimidating! Overall, the process took up 5 hours, and “J” didn’t even think twice of the sacrifice of his own personal time spent assisting Dad and reassuring that he would be able to safely drive home. We met this fine man at Dad’s birthday party the following evening, as he was invited by dad….though asked NOT to share the events with us. Dad didn’t want us to worry! Without a doubt, “J” was definately a “guardian angel” and our expressions of appreciation seem so inadequate. So, with a promise to keep in touch, lots of hugs and tears of gratitude, we wanted to give a “shout out” to a truly outstanding young man who has demonstrated a beautiful spirit of kindness and generosity by his unselfish support of our dad. We feel so blessed by this incredulous “birthday gift” that proves that there are outstanding people, both young and old, amongst us! Thank you, “J”!



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