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Asking for a friend of a friend.

Then or than? Please show an example on how to use.



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  1. ‘I would rather you Google the answer than ask on a Shoutout page.’ Meaning I would like it if people googled this instead of posting online.
    ‘I would rather you Google the answer then ask on a Shoutout page.’ Meaning Google it first and after post on a Shoutout page afterwards for further clarification if still required

  2. Jes Woodman Jes Woodman says:

    I would rather see a movie than go to a mall ..
    We went to the mall . Then a movie

  3. Andrew Gregg Andrew Gregg says:

    Then is used in a sequence of events. Such as first I opened the bottle, THEN I drank the beer. Than is used to compare items. Such as this beer is colder THAN the last one

  4. I brush my teeth THEN I get dressed in the mornings

    I’d rather have a new car THAN a new TV.

  5. Phill DL Phill DL says:

    Rather than answer what’s already been answered, I will wait until Shoutout is back to being used for its original purpose… See you then.

  6. Then is in relation to time and than is a comparison.

  7. I am better at English than you are.
    Are you going to the party? I will see you then.

  8. BJ Lucas BJ Lucas says:

    I’m better than you. But then again, it’s all relative.

  9. If you Googled this then you’d know. I’d suggest Google rather than Bing though.

  10. Erika Lahti Erika Lahti says:

    I went to the park and THEN the grocery store.
    I would rather go for ice cream THAN go to the dentist.

  11. You went through all the trouble of this post when all you had to do was google it……..

  12. I went to the store then I went home. I’d rather be happy than sad

  13. Sabrina Bree Sabrina Bree says:

    Then= time. Then I went home.

    Than= comparison. Her car is faster than his.

  14. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    Then she looked at me and said ” you’re dumber than the dog “.

  15. I was thinner back then. I’m thinner than I was before.

  16. “Then there were three other than four.”

  17. How are people so bloody lazy they cant take 30 seconds to Google something so simple???

  18. Jason Carlo Jason Carlo says:

    Why keep answering it? Clearly, it has been answered 17 times.

  19. Jade Jasmine Jade Jasmine says:

    We had a fun time at the park, then we went straight home. I found the guy funnier than the girl.

  20. Then is for order, than is for comparison.

  21. OMG, just a few clicks on Google!

  22. Back then I was popular.
    I’d rather be in bed than at work.

  23. Then is in relation to time than is a comparison

  24. Lizzy Shaw Lizzy Shaw says:

    I went to the store, then home.

    I like pizza alot better than broccoli

  25. Jamie Forges Jamie Forges says:

    she did this then that…it is less than or more than..

  26. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Then is a time thing.(add eggs then flour) or (way back then). ..than is a either or thing (rather die than marry )

  27. Sam Morgan Sam Morgan says:

    Than is a comparison.

    Then is a reference to time.

  28. Then is used in reference to time, Than is used to compare

  29. I would rather work than stay home.
    I went grocery shopping and then stopped for a coffee.

  30. Than= Choosing one of two options over the other.

    Then- following, to take place after.

    I’d rather have a burger than a hotdog. However, if I’m really hungry, I’d quite enjoy a burger then a hotdog.

  31. I’d rather fuck your husband more than you, but then again….

  32. Then is used to describe time. Then I went for a walk. Than is used to compare. Dogs are better than cats

  33. Cathy Martel Cathy Martel says:

    Than is used for comparisons, then is used for timelines.

  34. Rather than telling you the answer I’ll encourage you to research it yourself. Only then will you know for certain.

  35. I am better THAN you.
    I will see you THEN.

  36. He was alot bigger THAN her back THEN


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