Great News in Alberta Labor Market

Job Search Company Uses Dating Site Tech
Edmonton, Canada – September 30, 2016 – Both employers and employees face an ever growing world of noise in the job search market, according to the HR specialist behind the new online job search website Joorbit. Regardless of lack of work or abundance of it, hiring system is not working.
Entrepreneur and human relations professional Dusko Trivic thought of the idea of using the much friendlier and socially convenient format of dating sites for online job searches after experiencing frustration during his own job search.

“It was incredibly difficult to sort through the near misses and expired job listings,” Trivic confesses. “Even with the aid of a top Edmonton headhunter, my job hunting experience seemed like it could be improved. I thought to myself that people hardly have this much trouble matching up with each other on dating sites.”

Experts believe that the clutter of traditional online job boards will only increase as thousands of new companies hit the Internet daily. Many online marketing experts have predicted that the socialization of job hunting would be the next step in HR. Joorbit fills that void with a stable and accessible user interface created to increase the probability of a skill and personality match for potential employee and company.

“Joorbit will be the place to come online if you want a modern, efficient job search experience,” Trivic says. “What we have achieved is a more efficient way of humans finding work and the employers preventing expensive employee turnover.”
Joorbit is expected to open for business in October, 2016.



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