Great therapist in south Edmonton

I need a recommendation for an excellent therapist on the south side of Edmonton or in Beaumont or Leduc. Someone who won’t just listen to your issues, but will provide constructive solutions.

Preferably a therapist with knowledge of treating PTSD and anxiety, as I lost my child this past year and haven’t been able to do anything anymore without experiencing a great deal of anxiety beforehand.

I feel stuck and probably would have ended my life if it weren’t for my other young child at home. I want to be the mom I used to be.



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  1. Look into someone who does emdr therapy. Its for PTSD. Call the 211 numbrr I believe and ask. I know at the rutherford mental health clinic they have therapists who specialize in the emdr therapies.

  2. We like Kristine Anderson on the south side of edmonton. She even has a therapy dog that can come to your session to help as well.

  3. Mira Green Mira Green says:

    Try Patricia Kehoe. She’s just off whyte ave and helped me immensely with ptsd after the loss of my daughter.

  4. Family counsellimg centers Edmonton, ask for Janel.

  5. We can do EMDR therapy at LifeRoots Counselling, which is helpful to treat PTSD. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation!

  6. Nicole Perry – Feminist Counsellor Edmonton

  7. Kells Counselling on Ellerslie road and 91 street. Great psychologists!

  8. Kells Counselling on Ellerslie Road and 91 Street. Kerra works with PTSD and Trauma. She is AMAZING.

  9. Hugs. I have been in similar state 14 years ago. I lost my 2 kids and fiancee in a car crash. If you need to talk please don’t hesitate to reach out


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